Monday, April 15, 2013

Featured Book - The Flash Publishing Report

The Flash Publishing Report
Ivin Viljoen


Finally, after years in the making, a report that’s probably the most comprehensive and up to date digital self publishing report you will ever be able to download for free. Learn how to write and publish your book in a flash, like I did! This ebook has 148 Pages Packed FULL of Relevant, High Value Content. Also Don’t Stop There, Market Your Book Like a Boss!

Author bio 

Ivin Viljoen is the Editor-in-Chief of the award winning that focuses on self publishing. 

Connect with the author
Link to website:
Facebook:   Ivin Viljoen
Link to Google+:
Link to Twitter: @ivinviljoen

Click here to buy your copy for Kindle from Amazon

Click here to get your copy directly from the author

Promotions: This ebook is free until the 30 April 2013  (it's not free on Amazon - only at the author's website)

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