Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Giveaway - The Winter Letter

The Winter Letter
Dustan Stanley

THE WINTER LETTER, the superbly reviewed new fantasy novel by Dustan Stanley, host of The Revolutionary Life reality television series (on JCTV), will be offered free for Amazon Kindle users for two days, April 30th & May 1st. The novel's normal sales price is $7.99 (eBook only) and it has an average 4.5 star rating out of nearly fifty reviews.

THE WINTER LETTER will appeal to fans of Madeleine L'engle's Wrinkle in Time series, Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, and C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. Reviewers have compared it to Peter Pan and Harry Potter. It is written for the young at heart and is classified as Children's/Middle Grade Fantasy Adventure.

This giveaway is to celebrate the author's April 30th birthday.


On his thirteenth birthday William Wesley (whom everyone calls Will) receives a strange letter from a so-called king. The letter is full of apologies that make no sense, so Will figures it’s a birthday prank, but then there's a police officer, a car crash, and a fire. By the next morning his entire world is a smoking heap of ashes and every line written in the letter makes perfect sense.

Near the closing the letter reads:

Get on the 3:30 train. Go south. Get off at sunset and walk deep into the eastern woods. Knock on the door of the only house you come across...

Did this so-called king know what was going to happen beforehand or did he orchestrate the ordeal himself? Is he to blame or is he somehow magical? Will must know, so he sets out on an otherworldly journey that takes him to a land full of magic and war, new friends and new enemies. In the end he comes face to face with the one truly responsible.

His life will never be the same.

 (always check actual price before buying - all FREE books can go back to paid status without notice)
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Featured Book - The Young Michael Wilbur

The Young Michael Wilbur
Jason Michael


About the Author

I was inspired by an author named Stephanie Meyer. Her Twilight Saga was so good that she gave me the inspiration to create this book. Thank you Stephanie Meyer! My name is Jason Simon. I am sixteen years old and I live with my mom Virgie Niehus. This is the first time I have ever written a book, so I hope everybody likes it. This book is for you, Stephanie and my amazing family.



A young vampire wakes up from being bitten and finds a world no different from his human life.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Reviewers Contest - Meat Camp

Enter if you dare! Bloodthirsty mutants go on a rampage at a camp for troubled teens after an infection spreads. 

MEAT CAMP (by J.T. Warren & Scott Nicholson)

J.T. and I adapted this from my original B-movie horror screenplay. It’s a little different from my usual but hey…

We’re launching at 99 cents through May 1, so grab your copy fast. I’d also be grateful for reviews out of the gate –and if you review by May 1, you are in the drawing for the Hamper Camper giveaway! (Four books and a $25 Amazon gift card.) After reviewing, just email AuthorScottNicholson@gmail.com  with “Meat Camp review” in the subject line and you are entered!

Kindle US: http://www.amazon.com/Meat-Camp-ebook/dp/B00CHECGRM
Link to the Amazon store in your non-US country:  viewBook.at/B00CHECGRM
Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/meat-camp-scott-nicholson/1046545222

Coming soon: AFTER: FIRST LIGHT, a prequel novella for the AFTER series that you will get for free. It also contains some bonus stories by guest writers in the AFTER universe. Audio fans, I have a number of titles on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon now, with more on the way.

I really appreciate your support. You allow me to do what I love and I hope I give back with good stories and the occasional freebies and prizes. If you really want to go the extra mile and help me out, please write a review of any books you enjoyed. I personally don’t care about my “average rating,” but some advertising sites require a 4.0 average before they will accept a book. That means some of my books won’t get promotion to reach new readers—and we need more people in the crazy Nicholson pool. More sales equal more giveaways!

Happy planting season.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Featured Book - Blood, Brains and Bullets

Blood, Brains and Bullets
Sean Liebling



December 31, 2012

Professionally Edited Edition. Approx. 145,500 words. 650 pages.

Blood, Brains and Bullets is Book One of the new Blood, Brains and Bullets series by Sean Liebling and starts on day one of the outbreak and continues through the first seven full days after it's apocalyptic climax.

Jay has started his daily routine as a single father of three when the news hits of massive deaths then reanimations from the vaccine distributed by the government to combat the super flu virus that had been sweeping the globe. For Jay, it's irritating because it interrupt's Jay's normal comedic attempts at nailing every sweet piece of ass in the area. Being a survivalist means he has a lot of 'stuff' as you can never have too much and before he can even take shelter in his homemade retreat to ride out the apocalypse, friends start showing up who need his help. Before he knows it, he's forced into the unenviable position of assuming leadership over his community, or what's left of it, and fighting on multiple fronts against the forces of the evil undead, marauders and assassin's of the secret shadow government with a secret New World Order plan. Of course, that plan of theirs doesn't include him and his, so this Marine does what all Marines do best. He kicks ass without bothering to take names, while along the way he happens to fall into the clutches of a girl or three. Women can be very demanding. Even during a Zombie Apocalypse!

Jay is a dedicated self-styled player who gets lucky more often than not, and has a soft spot for children. As one of those survivalist's they always talk about on the news, he's better prepared than most when the shit hits the fan. During the coming days and weeks, he will be forced through circumstances to grow up (reluctantly) and strive his utmost to save his community, while melding close friends, survivors and salvaged military units on the run, from assassination forces of a secret shadow government dedicated to a New World Order through a 200-year-old Eugenics plan. But it isn't over yet, because Jay is a Marine, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve, which he fully intends to implement while accumulating as many girlfriends as possible.

This series will make you laugh hysterically at Jay's womanizing antics while being forced to grow up and act his age, then crying like a baby during scenes of heart rending tragedy and sacrifice, as it depicts real life tragedy and situations. It will also make you cheer when and if the forces of good triumph over those of evil. Written with the help of a Medical Doctor and Doctor of Psychology along with survivalist friends of all stripes, the scenes you will read inside are what really happen in an endgame situation with a comedic spin to it.

This book is a testament to what Good Men can do when Doing Nothing simply isn't an option! The trick you see - is to act quickly and decisively. Being a Marine also helps of course!

A note from the author:

*ATTENTION* I respond to all emails. Just hit my website up and send me one, or friend me on Face Book.

Served twice in the USMC who incarcerated me in Beirut, Iraq, Panama, Somalia and a few other places until I was barely discharged for good behavior. Currently the owner of a few businesses that are actually making money in this economy and also a licensed firearms instructor, just to keep my hand in the game.

I am also one of those evil Preppers and have all the stuff my characters have with the exception of an underground bunker. LOL. I am the bug in type and will stay and protect my community and the children, for they are our future. Do I expect anything to happen? Nope! But it costs me little to prepare, and it's actually fun.

I am me! I have fun and I'm rarely serious. About this series I wrote and am writing. I have no illusions that I'll be the next Stephen King. I do it because I simply have to, and honestly I'm having fun while not taking myself too seriously. I've found I really enjoy writing, whether or not I have the skills necessary. Everything in my books actually works and my scenario's depict how it would probably be in any real life end game scenario, depending on a great many factors of course. This I know from my own experiences and those of my closest friends who number doctors and psychologists to name a few. I also know this because I'm a history nut and history definitely repeats itself with great frequency.

I'm approachable so if you enjoyed my book and feel like dropping me a line go right ahead. I will respond to each and every one. I've met a great many of my fans now and all were a pleasure to talk to. I also love criticism. My feeling on that, is it helps me become a better writer. I can only improve, is my thinking.

Take care and God Bless!

Contact the author:

Good Reads:     www.goodreads.com/book/show/17449322-blood-brains-and-bullets

Facebook :    https://www.facebook.com/sean.liebling.9?fref=ts

Website:        http://seanliebling.com/

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 Cover for 'Blood, Brains and Bullets'

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Discount - Reflections of Grey

Reflections of Grey
Book Three of The Alexis Stanton Chronicles
JC Phelps


On sale for 99¢ until May 6th for Kindle and Nook



The past and the future merge...

Thinking she had learned all the secrets her friends and family could possibly hide, Alex realizes there are plenty more to be found out.

Having never been good at telling lies, when she's asked to go undercover she's not sure she can manage the job.  Plus, the job is at a strip joint owned by the Russian mafia.

Will she be able to keep up the lie?  Does she want to?


Reflections of Grey (Book Three of The Alexis Stanton Chronicles)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Featured Book - The Flash Publishing Report

The Flash Publishing Report
Ivin Viljoen


Finally, after years in the making, a report that’s probably the most comprehensive and up to date digital self publishing report you will ever be able to download for free. Learn how to write and publish your book in a flash, like I did! This ebook has 148 Pages Packed FULL of Relevant, High Value Content. Also Don’t Stop There, Market Your Book Like a Boss!

Author bio 

Ivin Viljoen is the Editor-in-Chief of the award winning Authopublisher.com that focuses on self publishing. 

Connect with the author
Link to website: http://www.authopublisher.com
Facebook:   Ivin Viljoen
Link to Google+:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/117802941244426195081
Link to Twitter: @ivinviljoen

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Promotions: This ebook is free until the 30 April 2013  (it's not free on Amazon - only at the author's website)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Giveaway - Drangon Isle

Dragon Isle
(The Legend of Vanx Malic)
M.R. Mathias


 At the time of scheduling this title was FREE.  Please check the price before buying - books may go up in price without notification. 


Vanx, Trevin, and Darbon, along with Prince Russet and the crew of the Sea Hawk, sail to Vanx's homeland to find an old friend who just might know the wyrm lore needed to make their quest to Dragon Isle seem survivable.

Meanwhile Coll and Duke Martin have set their shadowy schemes in motion in Dyntalla where Quazar is keeping the princess from death with all he has.

What will King Oakarm do about Duke Martin's treachery when he arrives? Will Matty the one-handed whore get her wish? Can two High Wizards of the Royal Order hold off the ogres, and the even darker thing that is seeking the Bloodstone? And what will happen on Dragon Isle, where our hero and his friends have become little more than prey under the revealing light of Aur's Moon.

You can only find out by reading: The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Two - Dragon Isle