Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Featured Book - The Road to Fluffer

The Road to Fluffer
Dan Schell



Darrell Steiner is a middle-aged music journalist caught between his magazine's corporate takeover and a disintegrating marriage. Forced to prove his relevance in an ever-changing music industry, he is assigned to cover a small-time heavy metal band, Numb Skull, for an ill-fated tour through the Midwest. Numb Skull's music is loud, their lyrics pedestrian, and their dreams of the wild rock and roll life drive every decision. Darrell, however, begins to see the assignment as the death knell of his career, helpless on the road while his wife shacks up with his brother.

The makers of Fluffer, the adult energy drink, have gotten into the music business, culminating in the annual Fluffer Music Festival in Chicago. Numb Skull has earned a slot to play at the festival but the band struggles to keep the tour from derailing after a series of mishaps, while Darrell wrestles with his personal and professional lives, finding himself both burdened and sheltered by the road.
Dan Schell writes:
After two decades of publishing poetry, I have recently released my first novel, The Road to Fluffer, in both paperback and ebook formats. It's a funny, wild ride through the Midwest USA with a struggling music journalist and a merry band of rock and roll malcontents he is assigned to cover.

Amazon link to my author page: http://www.amazon.com/Dan-Schell/e/B009YMOLDM


"Dan Schell's debut novel is an addictive, highly-readable jaunt through the midwestern bars and back alleys where up and coming rock and roll bands are forced to tread."

"Loved it. Shades of High Fidelity, Almost Famous, and Anvil! The Story of Anvil...but with a distinct midwestern working-class musician view."

"You really feel for these characters. It is an entertaining story, and if you like music or ever followed local bands around you will love The Road to Fluffer! There are many laughs along the way."

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