Saturday, January 26, 2013

Recently Read - The Lion's Game

The Lion's Game
Nelson DeMille


This is a book that I've had for ages and am finally getting to.  It was recommended to me by a friend years ago and I'm sorry I didn't get to it until now.  I really enjoyed the book.  I now have to put the sequel, The Lion, on my To Be Read list, as well as the first in the John Corey series, Plum Island.


Detective John Corey, last seen in Plum Island, now faces his toughest assignment yet: the pursuit and capture of the world's most dangerous terrorist -- a young Arab known as "The Lion" who has baffled a federal task force and shows no sign of stopping in his quest for revenge against the American pilots who bombed Libya and killed his family. Filled with unrelenting suspense and surprising plot twists at every terrifying turn, THE LION'S GAME is a heartstopping race against time and one of Nelson DeMille's most riveting thrillers.


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