Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Release - Magical Ventures of Loli and Lenny

Magical Ventures of Loli and Lenny
Pratibha R DH



When unearthly disasters strike,
And defeat lies in every fight…. 
Neither survival nor hope in sight,
Magic will be that beaconing light!

With global warming, animal poaching, deforestation, exploitation and crimes rising at an alarming rate the future of our planet looks very grim. An organisation that works secretly in the North Pole chooses eight-year-old Loli and her cousin Lenny to be a part of their mission. Mission to help and heal planet earth! 

Destined to be the saviours of our soon to be new age earth, Loli and Lenny's only weapon against the deadly hazards is magic! And they must learn the craft very fast to save one of the most precious but endangered animals on this planet.

It all starts one day with their discovery of a hidden secret in Lenny's backyard - a magical secret! From Ipads, tennis and school assignments to wands, cauldrons and powerful spells, their lives change forever. 

Their first magical mission to save planet earth exposes them to the dangers of the interior most jungles of Africa to encounters with enchanted mystical beings. 

A fantasy novel for children and middle grade (7 years and above) but with a moral for today’s younger generation! Don’t let them miss it!


“But why are they called the Paladins?” Loli asked curiously. 

“A Paladin is a defender of a cause. He maybe a knight, a warrior or a champion known for his heroism or chivalry....”

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