Friday, January 4, 2013

Giveaway - Three on a Match by Matthew Iden

Three on a Match
Matthew Iden

Free until today, 1/4/13


Three on a Match short story collection, three original tales featuring dirty motives, relentless ambitions, and a lop-sided view of the world.

In "The Long Drop," man tries to recapture his youth and assure his future by murdering his present; a killer finds victims aren't always what they seem in "Flowers Street"; and just how does a professional thief get even when he's been swindled by a couple of amateurs in "A Day at the Beach"?

If you enjoy gritty, unexpected journeys--sometimes violent, sometimes funny, always entertaining--Three on a Match is for you. Interested? The trip continues in Three Shorts, Three the Hard Way, and Three of a Kind.

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