Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Giveaway - Three of a Kind by Matthew Iden

Three of a Kind
Matthew Iden

Free until today 1/1/13


Three of a Kind is a micro-anthology of three original tales featuring dirty motives, relentless ambitions, and a lop-sided view of the world.

In "The Killer," an elderly widow finds the inner strength to protect the last thing she loves from the killer who would take it away; in "Sliver" a small wound becomes a murderous injury; and "Repo Man" gives you a glimpse into what happens when a man is pushed to the edge after his identity is stolen.

If you enjoy gritty, unexpected journeys--sometimes violent, sometimes funny, always entertaining--Three of a Kind is for you. Interested? The trip continues in Three Shorts, Three the Hard Way, and Three on a Match.

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