The Last Friends of Willie Coyote
Stephen Thor


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Three young people strike out in an old car into the deep desert on a soul-searching roadtrip.  Lifelong inseparable friends, each has their own reasons for venturing out into a rarely visited landscape.  Lost and nearly out of gas, their car becomes disabled after a freak encounter with an Acme rocket.  Forced to forge ahead on foot in the night to get help, the trio sneaks onto a top-secret airbase commanded by a tortured and legendary officer. 
The group witnesses a spectacular incident between a famous determined coyote and a speedy roadrunner.  They realize that the two are not the cartoon characters that they (and everyone else) had thought for decades were - but are in fact real in every sense.  The trio are detained on the crumbling base and make a few good friends along the way.  They also become aware of a brilliant race of human-like creatures and a secretive tribe of native warriors who live far out in the vast regions of the expansive base. 
However, trouble is on the horizon.  A powerful and angry man wrongfully bent on a terrible revenge gains entry to the base and unleashes a vast private army upon the innocent creatures who are unprepared for war.  The invasion forces wreaks death and destruction upon the beings whose choices become to either fight, run or hide... or all three.  At the height of the battle, Willie Coyote unleashes upon the enemy the most diabolical machine he has ever constructed.  His goal then becomes the most important one he had during his entire life - an attempt to save the most precious friend he never realized he even had.

Willie Coyote is one my favorite cartoon characters. He is the embodiment of reckless, driven effort and never-ending will to win through the use of giant boulders and dynamite sticks that would have made Nietzsche proud :) 'The Last Friends of Willie Coyote' by Stephen Thor is an interesting attempt to give Willie Coyote and Roadrunner a closure, of sorts. The story involves three friends, Vaughn, Mike and Ella, finding themselves lost in a desert, and quickly getting involved in rather bizarre adventures that quickly get out of hand. Throw in top-secret military base, a super rich villain with murky motives, Willie's most diabolical invention ever and you have a rather original adventure story that has several interesting plot-lines of redemption and laying old ghosts to rest. I suppose one cannot get lost in a desert, being surrounded by strange phenomena, without curing a psychological trauma or two :)

All in all, this is a well polished story. Be warned, it is written in a movie script form, so it might take you a short while to get used to a novel form of narration.

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