Sunday, December 23, 2012

What's the happs?

New Happenings

For those of you who do not know, we have gotten a new trailer house.  It's not brand new, but it is much better than the little two-bedroom.  I've posted a bunch of pictures of before and after the hubby put in the new flooring.  I must stand crooked because a lot of the pictures are crooked.  The house is level and straight.  :-)  I don't have finished pictures of the girls' rooms but they look nice.  Our bedrooms aren't fully set up yet.  I can't carry the beds over so we are still just doing the mattress on the floor thing until the hubby is able to move some of the bigger stuff over.  He's been busy working his real job, hooking up electric, water, sewer and now he's working on the skirting.  (Yes, I'm a wimp.)

The new trailer's kitchen before the new flooring was installed.

The master bedroom.  Our old bedroom was 14 x 10 and the new one (with the bathroom is 20 x 16.  Just a little more room!  I didn't get any pictures before he did the flooring but there was carpet in here with a big hole in it.  (The same carpet as the living room.)

The hallway before the new flooring.

The little girls' room.  This is an "extra" that we didn't have in the other trailer.

I have a LAUNDRY ROOM.  It's nice to not have the washer and dryer IN the bathroom.

My oldest daughter's bedroom is 14 x 16 with a "spacey" closet.  Her bedroom in the other house was 14 x 12 and she had to share it with the two little ones.

We have two bathrooms.  One in our bedroom and one for the rest of the world.  This picture is before the hubby put in the new flooring.

A picture taken from the hallway of the kitchen and living room before the new flooring was installed.

A picture of the kitchen (the living room, too) before the new flooring was installed.

This is our icky old trailer.  We paid $2500 for it and I think we overpaid.  This is a picture after the skirting was removed the morning they moved it.

The moving of the trailers makes me nervous so I took off and took the little ones for a drive.  We found a cow grazing with turkeys.

When I came home, it was GONE.  :-)

They didn't move it far (yet.)  All of our stuff is still in there.  We are still transferring it over.

Ooooh - new trailer.  But, wait....  Is it stuck?  YEP.  There is a pond on the left and a creek on the right of this little road.  Nice that the tongue decided to buckle right here.  They spent the rest of the day and the better part of the next morning trying to get it out of here.

As soon as we got heat and water we put up a tree.  The girls needed this.  They did a great job decorating, too.

The hallway after the new flooring has been installed.  Check out my little robot sweeper at the bottom of the picture.  I got her with my credit card points.  I think the kids think she's a pet because they follow her around as she sweeps and can't resist picking her up as soon as I'm not looking.

My new kitchen.  I love the job my hubby did with the floor.

The view from my bedroom door with the new flooring in and a Christmas tree to the right.  We still don't have the TV over here and I'm seriously considering not bringing it over here.  Of course, we will, but it's nice that it's not here yet.  I've been enjoying it.

The view from the hallway.  We left the carpet in the living room and I think it looks good with the rest of the flooring.

My LAUNDRY ROOM and a small glimpse into the back bathroom with the new flooring.  It all looks so much nicer.


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    1. The house I really wanted was MUCH nicer than this one, but this one will do nicely. I'm not complaining, just admitting I'm not really as fancy as I'd like to be. :-)


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