Monday, December 3, 2012

Featured Series - The Red Cross of Gold by Brendan Carroll

The Red Cross of Gold
Brendan Carroll



The Red Cross of Gold is a 30-book series, subtitled Assassin Chronicles, following the adventures of a rather old and grumpy alchemist/assassin (800, but looks 35), who lives in Scotland in between wars and assassin missions, working in his alchemy lab, making gold from base metals. Of course, he likes to keep things simple, but his membership in an ancient Order of Templar leftover from the Crusades makes his life a little more interesting than the average alchemist.

His primary role as Knight of Death or officially, l'Chevalier du Morte, is making sure that his semi-immortal Brothers do not languish too long in despair should they fall prey to something that cannot be easily overcome. Say, something like a beheading or stepping on a land mine or being eaten by a dragon. As long as the twelve members of the ruling council keep themselves relatively intact, they can live, presumably, forever. Only l'Chevalier du Morte has the mystic Golden Sword of the Cherubim and the ability to release their souls when the time comes. Unfortunately, the world is not willing to go on forever and the Order's goal, which happens to be fighting on the side of Christ at Armageddon, brings many troubles, trials and tribulations for the alchemist.

Follow his evolution from simple Scotsman to something totally unexpected in this Epic Fantasy series.

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