Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whatever Wednesday - A Short List of Some Amazing Women

Since starting this book publishing thing online I've met all kinds of wonderful people.

Today, I want to highlight a small group of women that I visit with almost every day.  Every one of them is a wonderful author and they all have all kinds of other talents.

This short list includes Sandra Edwards, Debra Martin, LK Rigel and TM Roy.  Each lady brings something very special to my life and I really appreciate them allowing me to be a part of theirs.

All four of these women are extremely impressive and I certainly do not fit with them professionally.  Sandra Edwards has several titles available and is putting out new books regularly.  She's well known in the Romance field and with good reason.  I have never been able to get far into a Romance novel, but Sandy just sucks me in and all I want is more.

Debra Martin has co-authored several books with her brother.  It takes a special kind of person to be able to co-author.  And, as with Sandy, Deb just sucks me into her worlds.  And it's not just me, my daughter has placed Deb on her favorite authors list right up there with KC May, JK Rowling and Rick Riordan.

(Just so you all know, all four of these ladies, Sandy, Deb, LK and TM, are on MY favorite authors list.)

LK Rigel's talent is staggering.  This woman is one of the most deep and well educated people I have ever met.  Her books are so much fun and beautifully written.  LK certainly has a knack for beautiful prose and I wonder if it has something to do with her musical background.  She has lived a very interesting life, at least from my viewpoint. 

And now we get to TM Roy.  This is one spectacular woman.  Not only does she have several wonderful books out there for you to choose from, she is an amazing artist.  Every once in a while she will post a link to one of her "doodles."  My doodles consist of a bunch of circles put together to create a flower or a scribble that I tried to make look like a tornado because it can be nothing else.  Terry's doodles are full blown artwork.  She is the creator of my amazing covers and many others out there.

Of course, this is only a small sampling of these women's talents, and I mainly want to highlight their authoring talents.

It's highly possible you will find something on the following list that might interest you.  If you do, show some love and go get yourself a copy.  All of their titles are low priced, and worth much more than what they charge for them.

Sandra Edwards

Debra Martin


LK Rigel

 TM Roy




  1. JC! You are too nice. I'm sure everyone who reads your blog and your books knows this, but YOU are one of the most interesting, nice, kind -- and that doesn't mean you can't be a fabulous brat when you want to -- people EVAH!

    I'm so glad I know you!!

  2. Thank you LK! :-D

    See, everyone! I told you they are great ladies. :-)


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