Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sample Pack from Dark Hall Press - Happy Thanksgiving!

Dark Hall Sample Pack
Witch by Lorne Patterson
Exoskelton by  Shane Stadler
Dark Corners by  Michael Bray


Please note that this is a SAMPLE PACK.
It contains EXCERPTS of three novels.
This is not a collection of the full novels.    


October 6, 2012
In celebration of Dark Hall's first anniversary as a Horror Fiction publisher we are proud to present a value-priced sample pack containing excerpts from our first three releases: Witch by Lorne Patterson, Exoskeleton by Shane Stadler, and Dark Corners by Michael Bray.

It’s certainly been an exciting year, and as much as this sampler is a taste of where we’ve been, it’s also a taste of where we’re headed.

Experimental in spirit, but with a mind towards the classics, Dark Hall’s mission is to promote superior works of Horror Fiction, carrying the rich and celebrated tradition forward into the new millennium.

You can find the sampler pack at the Dark Hall Press website:


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