Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Release - Lighten Up

Lighten Up
Dan Farish


If someone told you that they knew for a fact that none of us ever dies when our bodies do, would you believe them? According to the Seven Souls that wrote the words of this book, no one on earth truly believes in the afterlife until they wake up on the other side. The good news is it doesn't matter in the least. As a writer, my job is to present the information to you, the reader, not to debate whether there is an afterlife. The souls assured me that if you're reading these words it's no coincidence and many lives will change for the better because of it. The word ghostwriter takes on new meaning with this book. Over several weeks in 2004, a gifted medium recorded the spirit world's views on a variety of topics, ranging from capital punishment to the meaning of life. This was done using a technique known as automatic writing, where the medium held the pen and unseen hands did the rest. I was asked to help the Seven Soul Writers get the book into your hands. Some will consider this book to be a total hoax. Others will see it as the truth. Still others will find themselves caught between the two extremes. The way you live the rest of your life hinges upon which option you choose to embrace. Choose as if your life depends on it.


Dan Farish was born and raised in a working class Boston suburb, along with two sisters. His first book, 3 Steps To Recovery, has received 25 Five Star Amazon Reviews and won a 2012 Reviewer's Choice Award. He was as surprised as anyone.

Why? Because Dan doesn't view himself as some snooty, pretentious author. His writing style reflects his working-class Boston roots... informal, down-to-earth, and brutally honest. These traits come in handy when writing about airy-fairy topics like spirituality and the afterlife. Dan's latest book, called Lighten Up, is sure to turn a few heads. Click here to see why..

Today, Dan lives on Whidbey Island, Washington, where he works as an author and addiction recovery coach, helping others overcome addiction using a spiritual approach. When he's not pondering the meaning of life, Dan spends his time exploring ways to create the ultimate cheese steak sandwich, which he feels is pretty much the same thing.  
I am so glad I purchased this book of Dan's. It has come to me at exactly the right time in my life, I believe there are no coincidences. When I first started reading 'Lighten Up' i felt like I was being nurtured by the forces unseen, but felt, called Love. After reading the first 2 chapters I fell asleep and awoke to a fuller feeling inside my being, as well as a sense of calm returning to me once again. I have been fighting with myself between fear and love all my life. This book is like a gift from above to remind me of what I knew all along. Dan is such a wise soul whom I admire and trust whole heartedly. I do not question a word he has written and am grateful that i am a part of the people chosen to read it, i beleive there are no coincidences. I have had my own unearthly experiences in life that also would appear to be outrageous to most, so thank you to Dan and Natalie for bringing me this book and for the opportunity, as love and truth always prevails. 
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Lighten Up


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