Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whatever Wednesday - Windy Weather

It's Whatever Wednesday again! 

We had some very interesting weather this past week.  Steady winds between 20 mph and 40 mph and gusts as high as 80 mph.

This meant shingles flying, trees breaking and new found lawn furniture in the yard.  Okay, we didn't really find new furniture in the yard but ours was blown around.  I suspect people found things that didn't belong to them after they dared to venture out again.

 I have always worried about the wind and this is part of the reason why.  We have some absolutely gorgeous cottonwood trees in the yard.  Part of what makes the trees both desirable and ominous is their size.  Cottonwoods shed their limbs but when the wind blows, the big ones come down.

This picture is of my two little ones standing next to a fairly small branch that fell onto the lilac bushes.

 This is another picture I took of the scene to show the size of the trees.

Here is another one of our trees that broke.  I'm not sure but I think it is an ash tree.  This one was laid partly across our driveway.

And to think, just last week I was complaining about leaves.  Now I'm crying for the lost tree and cursing the mess we have yet to clean up.


  1. I need to send you a picture of the oaks over our house.

    Every tropical storm brings limbs down. And lots, and lots of clumps that have to be picked up by hand.

    In 26 years, we've only had a couple dings to the roof.

    So I appreciate what you're saying.

    1. I'd be lost without trees around me, but they are a source of worry every time the wind blows. We lost a car to a limb. It fell right on top of our Lincoln from front to back and bent the car in half! That was the same windstorm that took the roof off our place.


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