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Featured Book - Woof by Andrew Hinkinson-Hodnett

Andrew Hinkinson-Hodnett



WOOF! is Andrew Hinkinson-Hodnett's first novel, for all those adults who don't want to forget the crazy days of their youth when common sense and sobriety never entered into any equation. Now they find themselves getting turned on by the weather being dry enough to mow the lawn on a Sunday.

If you like modern Family Guy-type humour, WOOF! might be the funniest and most outrageous novel you've ever read. Download the free sample and if you're not laughing by the end of it, don't bother with the rest. If you do, be certain of this: the laughter and insanity continues on every page when you buy the book.

The year is 1992. WOOF! revolves around Peter and his friends Derek, Kate, Sophia and Fatima. They're putting on a play for the course they're doing at the polytechnic. Only, the playwright thinks it's quite probably the worst student play ever. And there have been some stinkers. He's working with a chain-smoking gothic diva, a perpetual stoner, a director who likes Elaine Paige and a nymphomaniac, polyamorous self-harmer.

What could possibly go wrong?


WOOF! has already had some four- and five-star reviews on Amazon UK, for which the author is grateful. You can see these reviews on the book's UK page but highlights include:

"The nightclub Butch and the performance at the Catholic school stand out - the Holy Sisters of Rough as Badgers nearly made me choke on my coffee!"

"It is funny, it is cruel and it is true-to-life. But as you read through the story, you can't help but think to yourself that just maybe there is a little bit of truth to some of the stories and characters as the situations feel so real."

"Cast your mind back (however many) years; when your awkwardness inhabited the age of around 18. Remember the insecurity, the effrontery, the insult, the social disability, the sheer awfulness of being officially an adult but unofficially totally screwed up and still learning who, what, why and how you are? This book beautifully captures those moments, with a dry wit and gentle humour that occasionally spills over into embarrassing loud guffaws. "


Andrew Hinkinson-Hodnett was born in Lancashire, England. His mother had a home birth, which is how the family's toy poodle was able to bite the doctor when he turned up after all the messy stuff was over and done with.

On his first day at school, left-handed Andrew produced a fairy story for his teacher but she had to use a mirror to read the backwards writing. "The spelling was perfect, though," she said.

Thankfully for all of us, Andrew learned to write the other way round. He was soon drawing comic books with intricate and episodic sci-fi plots, selling them in the school playground for ten pence a copy. In his early teens he got into trouble not only for drawing very rude pictures and selling them to his friends, but for producing his x-rated juvenilia on school paper purloined from the art supplies cupboard.

Andrew moved to London to see the Queen and find Puss in Boots but somehow ended up with a Bachelor's degree in English and Theatre Arts from Goldsmiths College, University of London. He lived in London for 13 years and worked as an editor and copywriter. Relocating to a small market town in the Yorkshire Dales, Andrew studied poetry under the tutelage of world-famous poets like Simon Armitage and the UK's first-ever female Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy and was awarded an MA in Creative Writing.

If 2012 does turn out to be our last year of existence as foretold by the Ancients and some scary woman with lots of cats on the street corner, Andrew has made the most of it. He has published two bestselling non-fiction books, Chickens As Pets and Raising Chickens Indoors. You can buy these plus two collections of Andrew's poetry, Cannibal Delia and Down the Hole We Go, from Amazon. You can also buy his short urban fantasy story, The Magician's Washing Machine (it'll make your head spin and colours run).

Do this before the end of the world. You know it makes sense. Post-Armageddon, you'll be more worried about a shortage of toilet paper, your eyebrows falling out and some guy with sharp teeth licking his lips at you.

WOOF! is Andrew's first novel, published September 2012. WOOF! is for adults who are still struggling with the notion of being all grown up now. It's a very adult comedy about being childish.



Click here to buy from Amazon for Kindle (UK) 



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