Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Featured Book - Unreasonable Risk by Karen E. Hall

Unreasonable Risk
Karen E. Hall

Unreasonable Risk (A Hannah Morrison Mystery) 


Since September 11, 2001, the mind of the country has been on safety, yet little has been mentioned in the press about the industrial facilities that line our major waterways and populate our industrial cities. We drive past them every day. But are they safe? More to the point, are we?

First in the series, UNREASONABLE RISK introduces Hannah Morrison, a young environmental engineer ensnared in a series of violent events which threaten the refinery. She knows it’s sabotage. Who’s behind the spate of near-catastrophes that plague the plant? Who can she trust? And what will the saboteur try next?

UNREASONABLE RISK tells the story of a resourceful young woman fighting to save the refinery, the city surrounding it and, ultimately, her life.  

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