Friday, October 26, 2012

Featured Book - The Summer of 2011 by R.V. Babyn

The Summer of 2011
R.V. Babyn


Special introductory price of 99¢


October 3, 2012  (90233 words - equivalent to a 310-page book)
A modern-day Cain and Abel story and first book of the Sophie Scanlon and Ian Stephenson Mystery Series, The Summer of 2011 introduces Sophie Scanlon, an aspiring writer hired to trawl for dirt by a “celebrity news” publisher, and Ian Stephenson, a security and surveillance expert, both working together undercover for the RCMP in Toronto, Canada.

Just as Sophie and Stephenson become more than just co-workers, John Hepburn, a sinister man who sabotaged Stephenson’s career at CSIS—the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service—twelve years ago, appears.

This time, Stephenson is lucky, Hepburn blunders and is taken into custody.

Stephenson and Sophie are sent to investigate what Hepburn has been up to over the last few years.

Ian Stephenson finally has a chance to reinvigorate his stagnating national security career, but in order to do that he must first come to terms with his past, come clean about his relationship with John Hepburn and clear his name from the events of twelve years ago.

About the author:

Rhoda Babyn was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and has been married to the same terrific guy, John, for longer than both would care to say.

One night around Christmas 2010, while attending a copy editing class at night school, she overheard the instructor telling another student that some of them would be editing fiction.

The thought of editing someone else’s creative opus made her realize how much she wanted to create the stories rather than nitpick over their delivery. Right then and there she made the decision to become R.V. Babyn, the novelist.

Since then, everywhere she goes she brings her laptop and her book-in-progress with her.

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