Monday, October 22, 2012

Featured Book - Indiana Horror 2012

Indiana Horror 2012
James Ward Kirk


July 7, 2012
Glad to see ya'll came back. Indiana is a mystical and magical landscape. If only the people knew. Beware, evil resides here, in fallen beings; perhaps in the beginning these beings appeared as angels assigned as safe keepers and guides for human beings, but choosing instead to sleep with their charges and so devolved. Name them Nephilin. And these fallen human beings are creators of carrion, predators grossly fat leaving leftovers for rats and worms and other eaters of dirt and excrement. This landscape of evil, this place of living dead flesh draws ever nearer the eaters of carrion; vultures—human and other, existing in the shadows of trees and houses, struggling mightily against the good: this is true. Good also lives here, in the earth and the water and the air we breathe. Come join the battle. When we're finished, we can tip some cows.

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