Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Featured Anthology - Ghosts: Recent Hauntings

Ghosts: Recent Hauntings
published by
Prime Books



October 10, 2012
The spirits of the dead have walked among our legends, myths, and stories since before recorded history. Ghostly visitations, hauntings, unquiet souls seeking the living, vengeful wraiths, the possibility of life beyond the grave that can somehow reach out and touch us . . . these are some of literature’s most enduring icons. Now, in the twenty-first century, we are no less fascinated with phantoms than our cave-dwelling ancestors or our Victorian-age forebears. Thirty modern masters of fright and fantasy fill this anthology with shivers, chills, and spooky explorations of both sides of the veil. Be prepared to keep a light on all night!
Authors include:   Peter Straub , Joe R. Lansdale , Maureen McHugh , Elizabeth Hand , John Shirley , Tim Powers , Neil Gaiman , Caitlin R. Kiernan , Paula Guran

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Featured Book - This Book Is Full of Spders: Seriouslly, Dude, Don't Touch It by David Wong

This Book is Full of Spiders:
Seriously, Dude, Don't Touch It
David Wong


October 2, 2012
Fan favorite David Wong takes readers to a whole new level with this blistering sequel to the cult sensation John Dies at the End, soon to be a movie starring Paul Giamatti

Originally released as an online serial where it received more than 70,000 downloads, John Dies at the End has been described as a "Horrortacular", an epic of "spectacular" horror that combines the laugh out loud humor of the best R-rated comedy, with the darkest terror of H.P. Lovecraft. The book went on to sell an additional 60,000 copies in all formats.

As the sequel opens, we find our heroes, David and John, again embroiled in a series of horrifying yet mind-bogglingly ridiculous events caused primarily by their own gross incompetence. The guys find that books and movies about zombies may have triggered a zombie apocalypse, despite a complete lack of zombies in the world. As they race against the clock to protect humanity from its own paranoia, they must ask themselves, who are the real monsters? Actually, that would be the shape-shifting horrors secretly taking over the world behind the scenes that, in the end, make John and Dave kind of wish it had been zombies after all.
Hilarious, terrifying, engaging and wrenching, This Book Is Full of Spiders, the next thrilling installment, takes us for a wild ride with two slackers from the midwest who really have better things to do with their time than prevent the apocalypse.



Monday, October 29, 2012

Featured Story - Flecks of Yesterday by Ima Hack and Yura Heddletwit

Flecks of Yesterday
Ima Hack
Yura Heddletwit


October 16, 2012
Flecks of Yesterday is a quick read at 2950 words.   
This is a short story and not a full novel.

Helga Hornthwack's not exactly the nicest witch in town. She's worn out her welcome once again and it's time to move on. Scorned and ravaged by the past, she's devised an evil plan. But what she doesn't know could be her downfall.

A perfect read for Halloween.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Special Deal for The Alexis Stanton Chronicles

Special Price
The Alexis Stanton Chronicles
Complete Set Of All Three Books  

I've run some kind of special for my birthday every year, but I'm a bit late this year. (My birthday was this past Tuesday). 

So, since I'm late in offering it, I've tried to sweeten the pot.  The Alexis Stanton Chronicles is an omnibus of all three of my books.  It is only available for Kindle (sorry).

The normal price for the omnibus is $6.50 and at the time of this post it should be at $2.99.  Again, just so you are certain - The Alexis Stanton Chronicles contains all three books in the series and you can get them all for just $2.99 between now and November 1st. 

As always, if you pick up the books, I really hope you enjoy the story!


The first three books in the Alexis Stanton Chronicles in one volume.

Color Me Grey (Book One of the Alexis Stanton Chronicles)
...exciting, highly paid position for person with specialized training...

Recently unemployed after quitting a boring office job, Alexis Stanton finds a mysterious ad in the help wanted section that might prove to be the answer to her desire for excitement and adventure.

After an intense application process, including actually fighting with her competition, she gets the job of her dreams.

But is it going to kill her?

Shades of Grey (Book Two of the Alexis Stanton Chronicles)
New job. New name. New assignment.

When Alexis Stanton, a.k.a. Ms. Grey, is assigned to uncover the true identity of the infamous sniper Penumbra, she's also expected to protect the business mogul next on the assassin's hit list.

The one person who holds the key to the sniper's true identity warns Alex not to dig any deeper. Penumbra has never missed his mark and will take out anyone who gets in the way.

Reflections of Grey (Book Two of the Alexis Stanton Chronicles)
The past and the future merge...

Thinking she had learned all the secrets her friends and family could possibly hide, Alex realizes there are plenty more to be found out.

Having never been good at telling lies, when she's asked to go undercover she's not sure she can manage the job. Plus, the job is at a strip joint owned by the Russian mafia.

Will she be able to keep up the lie? Does she want to? 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Featured Book - The Summer of 2011 by R.V. Babyn

The Summer of 2011
R.V. Babyn


Special introductory price of 99¢


October 3, 2012  (90233 words - equivalent to a 310-page book)
A modern-day Cain and Abel story and first book of the Sophie Scanlon and Ian Stephenson Mystery Series, The Summer of 2011 introduces Sophie Scanlon, an aspiring writer hired to trawl for dirt by a “celebrity news” publisher, and Ian Stephenson, a security and surveillance expert, both working together undercover for the RCMP in Toronto, Canada.

Just as Sophie and Stephenson become more than just co-workers, John Hepburn, a sinister man who sabotaged Stephenson’s career at CSIS—the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service—twelve years ago, appears.

This time, Stephenson is lucky, Hepburn blunders and is taken into custody.

Stephenson and Sophie are sent to investigate what Hepburn has been up to over the last few years.

Ian Stephenson finally has a chance to reinvigorate his stagnating national security career, but in order to do that he must first come to terms with his past, come clean about his relationship with John Hepburn and clear his name from the events of twelve years ago.

About the author:

Rhoda Babyn was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and has been married to the same terrific guy, John, for longer than both would care to say.

One night around Christmas 2010, while attending a copy editing class at night school, she overheard the instructor telling another student that some of them would be editing fiction.

The thought of editing someone else’s creative opus made her realize how much she wanted to create the stories rather than nitpick over their delivery. Right then and there she made the decision to become R.V. Babyn, the novelist.

Since then, everywhere she goes she brings her laptop and her book-in-progress with her.

Book Trailer at YouTube: 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Recently Read - Poppy the Proud (A Bird Brain Book) by Emlyn Chand

Poppy the Proud
(A Bird Brain Book)
Emlyn Chand (author)
Sarah Shaw (illustrator)

Today we have a children's story.  
T.M. Roy, author of Discovery - A Far Out Romance, Convergence -- Journey to Nyorfias Book 1, Gravity - Journey to Nyorfias, Book 2, recommends Poppy the Proud (A Bird Brain Book).   

T.M. writes:
 “Poppy is the prettiest peacock in the entire garden, but one day his privileged existence is upset when an all-white peacock is born and promptly named the most beautiful by a smitten flock. Intensely jealous, Poppy no longer knows where he fits in and decides to reclaim his title as the fairest bird in all the land, no matter what it takes.”

This delightful book was picked up on a whim when I saw it on a bargain book listing and checked out the Look Inside sample at Amazon. I love a well told tale, no matter what age group it’s for, and not ashamed to say I relish reading children’s books with the same zeal I’d read one for people “my age”. Having young nieces, nephews, and a great-niece now, I am also forever on the lookout for wholesome books and movies to share with them.
This book is perfect as a read aloud and can also be enjoyed by all ages, in my opinion.
Poppy is a very proud, vain, and popular Indian blue peacock who lives in a park. I am assuming he lives in India due to the subtle references to the other animals in the park: cows, monkeys, and Indian ringneck parrots; a woman in a sari, and an offbeat reference to the Indian holy day called “Holi”, which is a festival of colors. This delighted me: an animal story set in the actual native land of the animal, what an opening for a bunch of teachable moments! Animals, culture, other traditions, geography—wonderful!
Poppy’s popularity is threatened by the arrival of another peacock to the flock. All of a sudden he feels invisible, unpopular, and his attempts to get the others to notice him again tugged at me with sympathy and laughter. Many of us can relate to this. I know I did!
The story gently sends a much needed message: what makes you attractive and popular is what’s inside--your good heart, your kindness, and how you treat others. And it sends this message brilliantly. Not only does this book get five stars and two thumbs up from me, but I’ll be picking up the other books in the Bird Brain series, too."


August 5, 2012
Evolved Publishing brings you the third of the BIRD BRAIN BOOKS by Emlyn Chand, "Poppy the Proud." This children's picture book, with full color illustrations by artist Sarah Shaw, is perfect for kids 4-6 years old.
Poppy is the prettiest peacock in the entire garden, but one day his privileged existence is upset when an all-white peacock is born and promptly named the most beautiful by a smitten flock. Intensely jealous, Poppy no longer knows where he fits in and decides to reclaim his title as the fairest bird in all the land, no matter what it takes.

In a desperate attempt to regain the admiration of his peers, Poppy steals items from the humans that visit his park. He wraps himself in a beautiful silk scarf, wears a series of ornate bangles around his neck, and even tries to dye his feathers with colored dust from a festive Holi celebration. Unfortunately, each of these attempts not only fails to improve his appearance, they actually make it worse. What’s a poor bird to do?

In this compelling tale of self-esteem, pride, and learning what makes each of us special, Poppy the peacock discovers that true beauty lies beneath the feathers.


Bonus Recommendation from T.M. Roy:
Anna - A Farewell to Juarez
   Sara V. Olds 


December 6, 2009
Although she has to work hard to help her family, eight-year-old Anna loves having fun. But her ordered, peaceful life becomes full of fear and uncertainty as the Mexican Revolution brings some of Pancho Villa's army to her hometown of Juarez. Strange and scary things start to happen. One day, soldiers even point a cannon at their school while all the kids are in class!

Anna and her family might be forced to leave their home. Will life ever be the same again?

This is based on the true story of the author's grandmother.



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whatever Wednesday - Windy Weather

It's Whatever Wednesday again! 

We had some very interesting weather this past week.  Steady winds between 20 mph and 40 mph and gusts as high as 80 mph.

This meant shingles flying, trees breaking and new found lawn furniture in the yard.  Okay, we didn't really find new furniture in the yard but ours was blown around.  I suspect people found things that didn't belong to them after they dared to venture out again.

 I have always worried about the wind and this is part of the reason why.  We have some absolutely gorgeous cottonwood trees in the yard.  Part of what makes the trees both desirable and ominous is their size.  Cottonwoods shed their limbs but when the wind blows, the big ones come down.

This picture is of my two little ones standing next to a fairly small branch that fell onto the lilac bushes.

 This is another picture I took of the scene to show the size of the trees.

Here is another one of our trees that broke.  I'm not sure but I think it is an ash tree.  This one was laid partly across our driveway.

And to think, just last week I was complaining about leaves.  Now I'm crying for the lost tree and cursing the mess we have yet to clean up.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Featured Book - The Tree of Mindala by Elle Jacklee

The Tree of Mindala:
Wunderwood Book One
Elle Jacklee



September 30, 2012
Soon-to-be twelve year old Miranda Moon's overactive imagination has landed her in trouble again. This time, she's been suspended from school. Since her Halloween weekend just got extended, her parents decide to take her and her straight-laced younger brother, Marcus, to her late grandparents' old cabin. That suits Miranda just fine. She's always felt there was something special about the place. Besides, she has a knack for making the best of things. But when Miranda finds a curious water globe hidden in the cabin, she and Marcus are catapulted into a world even she never imagined. A world where everybody already knows their family name and magic flows through the trees. A world called Wunderwood. But their arrival happens to coincide with the release of a sinister warlock from a forty-year imprisonment. Thornton Crow resumes his deadly agenda to find the source of Wunderwood's magical power, the Tree of Mindala, and seize it for his own. As Miranda learns of her own connection to Thornton, she realizes that it's up to her to end his cruel and relentless cycle of death that would steal not just magic, but also hope. With only the cryptic words of a prophecy to guide her, she holds the fate of the entire realm as well as the safety of Marcus and the newly found branches of her family tree in her hands. Miranda's signature optimism is put to the ultimate test when she chooses to carry out the task that will save Wunderwood... or doom it forever.
Connect with the author on Facebook:



Monday, October 22, 2012

Featured Book - Indiana Horror 2012

Indiana Horror 2012
James Ward Kirk


July 7, 2012
Glad to see ya'll came back. Indiana is a mystical and magical landscape. If only the people knew. Beware, evil resides here, in fallen beings; perhaps in the beginning these beings appeared as angels assigned as safe keepers and guides for human beings, but choosing instead to sleep with their charges and so devolved. Name them Nephilin. And these fallen human beings are creators of carrion, predators grossly fat leaving leftovers for rats and worms and other eaters of dirt and excrement. This landscape of evil, this place of living dead flesh draws ever nearer the eaters of carrion; vultures—human and other, existing in the shadows of trees and houses, struggling mightily against the good: this is true. Good also lives here, in the earth and the water and the air we breathe. Come join the battle. When we're finished, we can tip some cows.

Connect with the author at his website:


Friday, October 19, 2012

New Release - Jenny Plague-Bringer (The Paranormals, Book 4) by J.L. Bryan

Jenny Plague-Bringer
(The Paranormals, Book 4)
J.L. Bryan


October 13, 2012
The fourth book in The Paranormals series, following Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare, and Alexander Death.

Jenny has survived in seclusion for the past year, but her peace is about to be shattered by two new paranormals, each of them with unknown intentions, both of them searching for Jenny and Seth.

The nightmares of Jenny's most recent past life in the 1930's erupt into the present, and she will face enemies old and new. Jenny is more vulnerable than ever, because she can't use her pox without risking the small life now growing inside her.

Jenny's entire life has led up to the challenge she must now face, one that will endanger her life, her unborn child, and her own soul.



Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Release - Hard Lines by Dave Conifer

Hard Lines
Dave Conifer




October 8, 2012
Earning a D-1 football scholarship was gratifying. Leading his new team into the top ten was stunning. Being charged with rape and suspended indefinitely was terrifying.

Jake Zarephath hadn’t seen it coming when his world explodes after a wild night with Robin Dunellen. The campus erupts when the story goes public, but local sportswriter Hamilton Newton trusts his instincts and accepts Jake's denial. Jake is angry and confused, but everything changes after Newton discovers Robin’s horrifying past and nightmarish present. Something is very wrong at Appalachian University.

When crunch time comes it’s all moving so fast that Jake can’t remember who he can trust. But with a championship within reach and somebody’s soul on the line, there’s no time to wait for everyone to choose up sides.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Whatever Wednesday - Sunsets after Summer

I love my Whatever Wednesday posts because I can post WHATEVER I want.  It doesn't count that I always post whatever I want, so you just be quiet over there.  You know who you are.  Shhhh!

When I was younger, something that was a big deal in our area was the "Sunday drive."  My family didn't participate in that but I worked at a cave in a gorgeous canyon and we regularly saw the Sunday drivers.

The price of gas has become outrageous, but still, a drive in the hills is a lot cheaper than a movie for the family, a dinner out or any other form of entertainment other than staying at home watching television.  I've found that my family is a happier family if we get out of our tiny little house and go do something.  Yes, we are all packed into the vehicle, but the world that leaks in from outside keeps the kids entertained and wondering.

We've spent a lot of time in the hills these past few months and I find we are doing most of it on Sundays.  I love it because it brings back memories and we are able to create new ones.  Plus, it gives me some pretty spectacular views to try and capture with my camera.

This past Sunday we went for a drive and most of the fall colors have already dropped from the trees.  I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find any exceptionally beautiful scenery to shoot, but I was enjoying myself all the same.

The trees in our front yard are still in full fall colors and will be for a while.  They have millions of leaves that we will soon have to rake, so I will enjoy them while they are still on the trees.  I will be cursing those pretty leaves before too long.

Here are a few pictures of our beautiful trees.  
These pictures were taken before we took off on our Sunday drive.

This last picture was taken from the top of a hill at sunset.

And, because it IS Whatever Wednesday...

I do have some exciting news.  The audio version of the second book in The Alexis Stanton Chronicles, Shades of Grey, is coming along very nicely.

I want to remind everyone that the first book in The Alexis Stanton Chronicles, Color Me Grey, is now available as an audio book at, and iTunes.  I created this post on Sunday and at the time of posting, Audible had a special price of $1.99 on the audio book.  
This may very well be the Whispersync price.  (Whispersync is available to customers who have already bought the Kindle version of the book.  So, if you don't have the Kindle version - go get it.  It's FREE.)
$1.99 for an audio book is a spectacular deal!  (Of course, this won't post until Wednesday so double check the price before purchasing it.)

Click here to be redirected to to get your audio copy.

Color Me Grey: The Alexis Stanton Chronicles, Book 1 | [J. C. Phelps]

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Featured Book - Beyond by Maureen Miller

Maureen Miller


Beyond one was recommended to me by another author, whose opinion I respect, for myself and my daughter.   I can hardly wait to get to this one!


It is the day after Aimee Patterson’s high school graduation. College beckons, as does her dream of becoming an engineer. On an early evening walk, her cocker spaniel charges into the woods on the other side of the pond. Aimee trails after him, and in the stillness of that forest the unthinkable happens. She becomes paralyzed and watches in horror as her hands vanish before her eyes.

Waking to the sound of voices, Aimee realizes that she has been kidnapped. Little does she know how far away from home she is, though. In an attempt to flee her captors, she launches from their confines only to freeze at the view outside the window. The sky is black and filled with stars, and in the distance is a familiar blue globe. The planet Earth.

A group of humans forced to flee their planet after an epidemic destroyed their civilization now travel the galaxies in search of an antidote. Retrieving samples of plant life from every solar system, on this occasion Aimee was accidentally seized instead.

Aimee must learn to avoid the advances of an awkward young scientist who seems intent on dissecting her, as her own fascination turns to the exotic young warrior, Zak. Having fallen in love with Zak, she is now torn with the decision to return to Earth or live beyond the stars. 


Monday, October 15, 2012

The Hobbit Celebration Post

The Hobbit
J.R.R. Tolkien



A great modern classic and the prelude to THE LORD OF THE RINGS
Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who enjoys a comfortable, unambitious life, rarely traveling any farther than his pantry or cellar. But his contentment is disturbed when the wizard Gandalf and a company of dwarves arrive on his doorstep one day to whisk him away on an adventure. They have launched a plot to raid the treasure hoard guarded by Smaug the Magnificent, a large and very dangerous dragon. Bilbo reluctantly joins their quest, unaware that on his journey to the Lonely Mountain he will encounter both a magic ring and a frightening creature known as Gollum.
The Hobbit is one of my all time favorite books and it is now going to be a movie.  I can't count how many times I've already read the book but I'm seriously considering reading it again before the movie releases on December 14th, I think.
I'm also a Lord of the Rings fan, imagine that.  I was skeptical about the movies before I watched them, but I think they were "practically perfect in every way,".  Just to quote another one of my favorites.  This just adds to my excitement for The Hobbit!
I found the book available on Kindle and at Audible.  My two favorite ways to read books anymore.   If you haven't ever read The Hobbit, I will definitely recommend it and read it before you go to the movie.  That way, if the movie sucks, you'll know the REAL story.

I've attached the movie trailer for you, too!

Click here to buy from Amazon for Kindle

Click here to buy from Audible 
Just a reminder - if you buy the Kindle version the Audible version is cheaper (I think I paid $6.99 for the audio book after purchasing the Kindle version)

The Hobbit | [J. R. R. Tolkien]

Friday, October 12, 2012

Featured Book - Through Dark Spaces by Karen E. Hall

Through Dark Spaces
Karen E. Hall


When Hannah Morrison takes an environmental consulting job at a South Dakota surface mine, she doesn’t expect to have to confront her darkest,most personal fears. In the course of her work, as she discovers secret after secret, Hannah realizes that somebody is poisoning the water in the beautiful Black Hills. Who--and why? Driven to solve the problem and find the people responsible, Hannah finds herself deep underground, trapped in the darkest of spaces--with a murderer.  

Click here to buy from Amazon for Kindle



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Recently Read - Heat Wave by Richard Castle

Heat Wave
Richard Castle

As usual, I'm late to the party.  I started watching Castle long after the series debuted on television.  I have since caught up in the television series and was doing a search online and found out that the main character from that series, the novelist Richard Castle, has actually released the books they talk about on the show.  Whoo hooo!  How fun.  

I didn't hesitate to buy the first one and recently finished reading it.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  It is NOT the television series, and I didn't expect it to be, but there are enough correlations to keep me jumping back to the series and thinking, oh yeah - I remember when something like that happened in the series.

Since Richard Castle is a fictional character, played by Nathan Fillion, people have been asking who the "real" author is.  I've done some research on this one as well and have come up empty handed.  That's okay.  I like Richard Castle as an author and I like that I can read his works outside of just hearing about them in the show.  According to some sources, the "real" author has appeared on the television series, but that doesn't narrow it down much.  I think there are at least four well known authors that have made a cameo on the show already.  And, who knows, maybe Richard Castle is a compilation of several authors.   To justify my thinking on that last theory - more than one author is mentioned in the body of the novel - it is possible that is their way to claim their territory. 

Again, I am not disappointed I don't know and may never know the "real" author(s) of the Richard Castle books.  He/she/they have found a fan in me.

I have already purchased the next two in the Nikki Heat series and will continue to read them - and probably enjoy every minute I spend with Richard Castle and his characters. 

This is one I will recommend to Castle fans as well as those who have never seen the television series.  The books stand alone and the character of Nikki Heat is a character all to herself.  Enjoy! 




A New York real estate tycoon plunges to his death on a Manhattan sidewalk. A trophy wife with a past survives a narrow escape from a brazen attack. Mobsters and moguls with no shortage of reasons to kill trot out their alibis. And then, in the suffocating grip of a record heat wave, comes another shocking murder and a sharp turn in a tense journey into the dirty little secrets of the wealthy. Secrets that prove to be fatal. Secrets that lay hidden in the dark until one NYPD detective shines a light.
Mystery sensation Richard Castle, blockbuster author of the wildly best-selling Derrick Storm novels, introduces his newest character, NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat. Tough, sexy, professional, Nikki Heat carries a passion for justice as she leads one of New York City's top homicide squads. She's hit with an unexpected challenge when the commissioner assigns superstar magazine journalist Jameson Rook to ride along with her to research an article on New York's Finest. Pulitzer Prize-winning Rook is as much a handful as he is handsome. His wise-cracking and meddling aren't her only problems. As she works to unravel the secrets of the murdered real estate tycoon, she must also confront the spark between them. The one called heat.


Also, I am listing the first season of Castle for those of you who haven't seen the series yet or those of you who would like to own the season.

Click the photo below to buy the audio book at
This audio book is available at a discount if you buy the Kindle version first via Amazon's Whispersync.

Heat Wave

Click here to buy the first season of Castle from Amazon