Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Featured Book - Leaving Stage IV

Leaving Stage IV
Adriana Arbogast 


"Just because something can be done, doesn't mean it should be. When Tianne Cantamessa, a recently divorced mother of two, is diagnosed with a lethal brain tumor, she must decide which path to walk on her way to the future. After research, a tour of a cancer ward and initial surgery, Tianne decides the treatment involved for her illness wouldn't outweigh the time it might buy her. 

Her decision to forgo treatment isn't popular with her daughters, sixteen year old Piper and six year old Trina. Nor is it popular with her ex-husband or her best friend. In fact, no one around her seems to understand Tianne's belief that sometimes the 'cure' is crueler than the disease.

Piper Cantamessa thought her only worry was being seen as a brainy nerd by her peers. Suddenly life is much more complicated. With her mom dying, an absent father she believes threw them away, and a boyfriend from the wrong side of the moral sphere, it's easy for her to derail. And when the handyman starts making moves on her mom and her pregnant step-mother shows up for an extended visit, Piper begins to wonder if there are any rails at all to guide her. 

As Tianne and Piper balance the stages of grief and relationships, they come to realize that family is what you make it and that choices require strength and bravery."
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