Thursday, August 30, 2012

Featured Book - Ghosted by Laura Sue Gardner

Laura Sue Gardner


MuseItUp Publishing,, and Laura Sue Gardner present Ghosted.  Ghosted is a YA supernatural/paranormal romance ebook that was published May 15, 2012 by MuseItUp Publishing.

High school sophomore, Pen Shakes, wishes she were dead. After all, her sister Ina is a ghost.

When Pen’s spirit accidentally astral travels into the Spirit World, she has a unique opportunity to help Ina, who is trapped in the netherworld until she completes some unfinished business from life. But to help her, Pen needs to keep some pretty big secrets.

Every time Pen’s spirit travels, her body is left behind, empty and limp. It isn’t long before Pen’s vacant body is discovered, and her secrets make chaos of her life. It doesn’t help that the hot new boy at school, who calls himself Mortician, is asking an awful lot of questions.

Pen finds solace in the dangerous and mysterious ghost, Quinn, who claims to be her soul mate from a past life. Though warned about him, she can not resist him.
A few tweaks and Ina’s business will be settled—except that a hungry evil lurks in the Depths.
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