Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can You Tell I Recently Bought a New Camera?

As the title reads - I recently bought a new camera and I've been having loads of fun with it.  I don't consider myself a photographer in any form of the word, except that I have a camera and I push the button.

Having admitted that, I will also admit that I wanted/want to be a photographer.  I think I have an eye for some things.  Those things I have an eye for - well, it just doesn't count that I have to take 1,000 pictures to get one that allows me to claim an artistic eye.

So, come into my house and check out my pictures.  I could keep you in your chair for hours.  Nevermind that it's only because you are too polite to tell me that you are bored and want to go home.  I've got you here and here you will stay until I'm finished. 

One nice thing about the blog setting is that you can actually skim past all the blabber that comes with every picture.  Also, you can cut me off in mid sentence and you won't feel badly and I won't even know.  So, go ahead, cut me off.  Or, if you are predisposed and trained to sit through your aunt's showing of their last vacation, stay.  I will promise not to include the pictures of personal moments or the blurry ones that require an extended explanation.

 Milkweed flowers.

 I think this is goldenrod but I'm not certain.  Pretty - whatever it is.

 Milkweed buds.

 My grapes seem to be doing good this year.  

 Just some water grass of some kind with Canadian Geese in the background.

 I am not sure what this is.  I suspect it is highly poisonous, but again - not sure.

 I couldn't resist the water drops on my windshield.  I'm a sucker for close ups.

These look like little snap dragons, but my weed dictionary is rusty.

The Cathedral Spires on the Needles Highway.  This is a panoramic view.


  1. Oh my...are you trying to compete with Sunday Safari?


    Are you?

    Good. 'Cause I love nature pictures.

    Keep it up.

    Love these pix. They be bootifool.

    I'm sad I won't be doing Sunday Safari today. I lost my computer in a storm Tuesday (Also lost our router, a TV and a few other odds and ends...dang lightning) I won't be doing any playing with pictures today.

    Happy Sunday

    1. Happy Sunday? I'm hoping you are still having a happy Sunday after losing your computer, router, TV and other odds and ends.

      That happened to us back in May. The lightning hit a tree and jumped to our internet box outside. It fried our routers (three of them), my computer and my brother's computer (we are all on the same line).

      I still haven't brought my computer in to get it fixed or have the data retrieved from the hard drive. I'm afraid to. If they tell me they can't retrieve anything I've lost all of my baby pictures of my youngest and a lot of other pictures.

      I'm so glad you can still appreciate the pictures even though you can't do your Sunday Safari.

  2. I believe the yellow is Ragweed, a bugger for those with allergies. And I think the white is Queen Anne's Lace. I'm channeling my mother who grew up here in Bemidji. She always said weeds were just flowers out of place!

    1. I love weeds and completely agree with your mother!


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