Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No Camera = No Proof

The kids broke my camera and I'm finding all kinds of things I want to take pictures of and post to my blog. It's a sad thing.

For example, I had a book signing this past Saturday and I would have loved to taken pictures and post them everywhere.  But, no such luck.

Also, I ordered a hardcover copy of Color Me Grey.  You KNOW I want to post pictures of that baby everywhere.  Again, no camera, no picture.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous around here. Things are beginning to turn green and I'd love to be out taking pictures.  Nope.  Can't do it.

I've made a few different dinner dishes and desserts I would have liked to show off.  The kids, though destructive, are so cute and constantly dirty.
I recently saw a bald eagle on the side of the road.
And the list goes on.

Why is it, when we don't have something, we really want it or need it?


  1. Oh bummer. I don't suppose you have a phone with a camera function? I always forget about mine until I go somewhere and say "Oh drat, I forgot the camera" and then someone in my family will say, "Why not use your phone??" ;)

    Hope you can get it fixed or replaced quickly and inexpensively!

  2. No phone with a camera. :-( I want a shiny, new and expensive camera. Don't think my husband will be all that happy with the idea, though.


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