Monday, March 26, 2012

$100 Gift Card Giveaway from Sandra Edwards

Today I'm going to share a contest/giveaway.  It has been quite a while since I've done this, but I couldn't pass this one up.

Not only does it give the reader a chance to win either a $100 Amazon or $100 Barnes & Noble gift card, it helps a fellow author get the honest reviews she needs.

Sandra Edwards is hosting this giveaway mainly from her Facebook page.  You can find her Facebook page here:

Below, you will find her exact post as you can see it on her page.

I’ve decided to run a contest for all my readers out there!

GRAND PRIZE: $100 gift certificate from or

TO ENTER, all you need to do is review one (or all) of my books—the review can be good or bad, it doesn’t matter—so long as it’s your honest opinion about the book.

Post your review anywhere online (i.e.,,, Goodreads, your blog, or any other place you can think of), then send me a message via Facebook or email and let me know where you posted the review.

You’ll get one entry per site where you’ve posted your review. So, the more places you post, and the more books you review, the more chances you have to win! Posting your review to online bookstores like and gets two entries per review.

If you’ve already posted a review for any of my books at Amazon, BN, etc, just message me and let me know where the reviews are posted and you'll be entered into the contest. Copy and paste those reviews to other sites for more chances to win.

Spreading the word is encouraged!

Contest ends May 10th. Winner will be chosen via Winner will be notified via email and will be announced on my Facebook fan page and at my website by May 15th.

Sandra is an award-winning author whose books stretch the boundaries of conventional romance. Visit her website 

Her email:  sandra1 @ sandrawrites (dot) com 

Easy clickable links to Sandra's books you can choose to review.  All of these links will take you to Amazon but you can find almost all of these books at Barnes & Noble.

You can find Sandra Edwards author page at Amazon here:


  1. Hi Everyone!
    I've decided to make this a MONTHLY contest. Each month I'm giving someone out there $100 to do with what they will at one of the following online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes--winner's choice!

    Stay updated with the latest contest news at my page on Facebook:


  2. I am old school, so doing a review is new to me. My review of crazy about you and the marriage bargain is that I enjoyed them both. They both were just a litte too long, its like you start a story and had a glass of wine while becoming the character. You can be great, but remember, sometimes more is just more not better. I would be shocked to find out that you did not like country music. I liked crazy about you better than the marriage bargain because I felt that you loved writing this story. The back ground work on Roxie was weak on how she became off balance. A true lover of romance can only admire how much Roxie loved Frank. Frank and Rich were both the typical man, clueless. I did think that a five year old would never wait that long to see his mother, then release her so soon to a honeymoon was unreal annd too easily accepted. Candy would not have waited that long without some physical contact, if only sitting by her side.Thank you for making Frank suffer, he broke down in the end (smile). Rich and Candy parting was a little weak and needed more drama. Romance reader love drama. The marraige bargain was little to long, a run away Harqueline. We never knew why the father loved Madeleine, I started thinking that she was blackmailing the dad. I did love how Claudette came to the resue. Money is still the root of all evil. Camille'a character was good but needed more drama to make the decision to be a six month wife was weak. Everything about this story was good, but way too long, after 65% of the story was done, you continued to write made me sleepy. You needed higher drama points and less pages. I will continue to read you because I feel that you love to write. Stop being so nice, go ahead and grab my heart.

  3. I so enjoyed THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN. Julian was a dream, and his family really brought a sense old world to the story. I was immediately sympathetic to Camille, and at points found myself wanting to be in her predicament with Julian! The must marry premise is not new for romance, but this one was so well done! I totally enjoyed this story and can't wait for Ms. Edward's next book!


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