Saturday, January 7, 2012

Featured Book - New Order Apocalypse by R. Mac Wheeler

New Order Apocalypse
R. Mac Wheeler



The remnants of society rot. The privileged get a five-hundred calorie meal pack every day. The dead are dumped in landfills, or left where they fall. Thirty-three years after extremists released the engineered virus, the Centers for Disease Control is the last governing body. The transition from finding a cure to administering what is left, never set well with anyone. The resentment may drive the rumors of conspiracy. But too many CDC administrators survive, and any focus of finding a cure appears abandoned.

Jason Kates believes he’s searching for a way to feed the starving that remain in the Eastern cities, but his assignment to cross the lawless lands to reach the American heartland may be a pretense to get him killed. He's an outsider to the CDC hierarchy, and there are dangerous secrets to be kept.

Clueless to what he's facing, and suicidal, Jason partners with a road-wise girl who tries to carjack him. He needs the value of her harsh experiences. She needs the nutrition bars he carries. Their sarcasm-laced relationship grows as they careen through evermore dangerous obstacles. They discover little more than empty prairie until they stumble upon the proof of conspiracy, which propels Jason into a far more challenging role.

As far as I know, R. Mac Wheeler's novels are currently only available on the Kindle. 


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