Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Featured Book - Give Me by LK Rigel

Give Me
L.K. Rigel

I'd like to say that L.K. Rigel's covers are some of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen - Her stories behind the covers are just as good.


If you love the new show Once Upon A Time, you may also enjoy Give Me, A Fairy Tale

All she wanted was a vacation - but Dumnos offered a new life.

Lilith Evergreen has always lived in the California desert, but when she receives an antique ring as a gift, she dreams of a magnificent tree at cliff's edge, a castle by the sea, and a mysterious woman who bids Lilith to come to Dumnos, a land of mist and rain.

Cade Bausiney is the future Earl of Dumnos, but at present he just wants to bolster the local economy with a scheme to increase tourism. When Cade and Lilith meet, they're overwhelmed with longing for each other - but their desire might be magically induced.

Long ago a witch's spell ended in disaster that left two souls to haunt Dumnos to this day. Lilith and Cade must find a way to make things right - or be forever possessed by the spirits who've waited a millennium to consummate their love.

This title should be available in paperback soon!

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