Friday, January 6, 2012

Featured Book - First Bass and Other Stories by Terran Moffat

First Bass and Other Stories 
Terran Moffat

I'd like to post, before the description, that I've read this book and thoroughly enjoyed every word.  I know the author through internet interactions and these tales made me feel like I was getting to know her better and I like her even more (if that was possible).  


There are no Death Stars or sparkling vampires in this little collection; no enchanted swords, or mushy, six-hanky chick lit tales. No. Instead, there is lots of mud, dirt, animal hair, the smell of dead worms baking in a hot car, and maybe a giggle or two. Come along on these six zany 99 44/100th percent true tales of the outdoor life. Action! Adventure! Fishing! Horses! Little sisters! The perfect bathroom book for those longer.... breaks.

DEER WARS: "Shoot zee deer, Terra. Vhy are you not shooting zee deer? Zhey are eating mein garten! Kill zhem all!" What happens when you have a landlord determined to eliminate an entire species from Tewksbury Township.

FIRST BASS: I undergo Bass Basic Training.

SHERRY AND THE RACCOONS: Have a hair-raising time with the Moffat sisters on safari in the wilds of northwesternmost Sussex County, NJ.

A GOOD HORSE: He was skinny. He made ugly faces. He was free, and he was my first horse.

CAMPING WITH MOM: A lifetime legacy of memories.

THE DEER LITTLE TAIL: "My first deer, Terra-Terra! My first deer!" Does a road kill count as a First Deer? My housemate at the time certainly thought so, since she saw it first. But then...

AUTHOR COMMENT: I was inspired by the great Patrick F. McManus, and I hope you find these mostly true adventures of my misspent sporting and farming youth as amusing.



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