Monday, June 20, 2011

Whatever Tuesday?

I'm hoping to get my act together and start posting books again real soon.  I have several authors lined up, but I'm wanting to do some interviews as well.  Until then, I thought I'd just post some random pictures.

I planned on taking at least one garden picture a week, but I have been slacking lately.  Today is very rainy, but I did go out to take pictures.  However, I haven't weeded yet.  I know you'll want to ask, "Where's the garden?"  It's there, I promise.

These are the potatoes.  So far, THE best plants in the garden (besides the grass and stickers).



Yes, there are onions in there somewhere!

I started to weed this the other day.  It's my grape, clematis and miniature rose.  The clematis fell off the trellis, but it was too rainy for me to fix it right now.

We went to Aberdeen a couple of weekends ago to drop off my oldest daughter.  She's spending some time with our cousins.  We did some fun things while we were there and this is my favorite picture from the trip.  Big and little!  Big is my soon to be cousin-in-law and little is my youngest.  She's quite shy so it was really cool that the two of them were fast friends.

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