Friday, June 10, 2011

Featured Book - Chemicaust by Daniel T. Moore

Daniel T. Moore

Chemicaust (Mad Element Saga)

Chemicaust is a short story that is available for both Amazon Kindle and at

Book description:
What might men do with unlimited power? And what might they allow to be done?

Chem is the Mad Element. It is a blessing and a curse with as many names as shades and hues. Some call it liquor of the Gods or Blessing of the Benefactor. Those of the Red Guard call it Michael's Blood, but all names refer to the same element, a chemical compound with many pieces, or no trace on the periodic table at all. It pollutes the world, fills the skies with rippling rainbow smog, an aurora borealis of gasses and choking fumes. The Mad Element wards away death, grants power unimaginable, and twists man and nature. It is corruption in a vial, or the key to life.

Chemicaust is the story of a soldier, brainwashed but well fed and well looked after by the corps. This man, Luke, is set a mission to retrieve a person of interest, a person with no little power, but his mission ends in disaster. Luke wakes in a desert where once a forest had grown. He is crippled, weak and without defence, but struggles towards civilization. Chemicaust is the story of Luke’s need to find humanity and to realize his own humanity in turn, and it all starts with an explosion.
Welcome to dystopia. Welcome to the Mad Element Saga.

You can either purchase this short story for only 99¢ at Amazon or download a free copy at

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