Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recently Read - The Hawk and His Boy

The Hawk and His Boy
Christopher Bunn 

The Hawk And His Boy (The Tormay Trilogy)

Today's Recently Read post is brought to you by W. Brondt Kamffer, author of The Wars of Gods and Men (The Ossian Chronicles).

W. Brondt Kamffer writes:

The Hawk and His Boy by Christopher Bunn was a fantastic read, the first in a fantasy trilogy.

I can't say enough good things about this novel. The story is complex without becoming overwhelming, though there was the occasional chapter that seemed to come out of nowhere. However, all of this is building towards a truly epic conflict. This first volume gets the series off the ground by introducing the reader to an interesting world filled with thieves, wizards, scholars, shadow creatures, and more.
I particularly enjoyed the chapters about Jute, the "boy" of the title. While he is the protagonist here, he by no means dominates the plot, but Bunn has done a fantastic job of conveying the lad's sense of helplessness and fear, as well as his uncertainty about what is happening to him and to the world. The villains here, Nio and the Silentman, are delightfully evil in their machinations, though they are also both in over their heads. I can see that both men are about to unleash an evil on the world that they had never intended, which is almost always a good thing for a story. A storm is brewing and even the bad guys lack an umbrella.

There is a lot of mythology that underpins the world of Tormay. Bunn has layered the history of his fantasy land with stories that stretch back beyond written record, with legends that haunt the night, and with the writings of the kingdom's great historians. Most of this background material is also skillfully integrated so that rather than draw the reader away from the action, it serves to heighten the tension.

With so much happening, it is sometimes hard to know exactly where things are headed, and the first volume is really only an introduction to the trilogy, with the second book seemingly twice as long as the first. Still, what is here is fantastic, and I did not even give it a second thought before heading to the Kindle store to download the sequel. Trouble is stirring in Tormay, and I can hardly wait to see how (or if) the heroes prevail and the villains get their comeuppances.

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  1. Sounds really intriguing. Off to add some titles to my ever-growing TBR list!

  2. Lisa, I hope you like Christopher's book. It's a fantastic read and the second one gets even better. Glad the review inspired you check the book out.


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