Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Featured Book - Ramblings From The Barn

Ramblings from the Barn
Robert Phelps

Ramblings From the Barn  

I've already featured a book of poetry this week so, I thought I'd give you another.  This is one of my all time favorite reads.  I am biased, of course.  This book was written by my father, Robert Phelps.  Our family, mainly my father, owns and operates a very quiet and local bar.  Most of the poems inside are about the life and times of the bar, The Barn, and it's patrons.  However, the stories (in poem format) can be easily transferred to all of our lives, and to our friends and acquaintances.

Ramblings is a humorous compilation of poetry written by a small town bartender/owner who seems to know his customers quite well.
This book will bring you a chuckle or two with a small amount of sentimentality mixed in.

"With each name, there is a story. Because we live in a small rural area, they seem unique to us. But they are not. I am sure that you can find these people in every small town in the Midwest. Still, I sometimes suspect there is something wrong with our water!" 

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