Friday, May 6, 2011

Citrus Dessert Recipe

Citrus Dessert
I made this from a recipe I got as an email from Kraft Recipes.
It's pretty rich, but pretty darned good!
I've become somewhat of an experimental cook over the past few years so I didn't follow the recipe exactly.  I do this mostly out of unpreparedness.  I hardly ever check my ingredients before I start a recipe and assume I have everything and enough of everything.  That's not always the case.  Also, I generally read a recipe all the way through once and then just get to it.  This means I sometimes forget steps.  :-)
Some of you might have already seen pictures on my Facebook page and realize it looks a little different.  I cut the edges off to make it prettier.  (Hey, I'm learning.)
I don't want to be stealing any thunder from the original site so I'm just going to give you the ingredients, what I did and then a link to the actual recipe.
The recipe calls for a can of condensed milk, a can of evaporated milk, 7 Tbsp of lemon juice (those little plastic lemons only have 6 Tbsp of juice in them I found out in the middle of making this.  Thankfully I had a little more in the fridge.  So, I actually used about 6 1/2 Tbsp of lemon juice).
It also calls for the zest of one large lemon (the lemon I used was probably more medium sized but it worked well enough).  
You will also need graham crackers.  It calls for honey graham but I accidentally pulled out the cinnamon grahams and didn't realize until I'd put it all together.  It worked out just fine and I might try it again with the honey graham to see if I can notice a difference.  Finally, you will need at least one cup of whipped topping.  I just eyeballed that.  I love whipped topping.
Here's what you do... 
Mix the milks together - the recipe says to whisk them but I put them into my brand new (Christmas present) Kitchenaid Mixer with the whisk attachment.  Then you add the lemon juice one Tablespoon at a time, whisking it together well.  It should be thick but will thicken even more later.  When you are done with that, add the lemon zest and tah-dah - it's done.
I used a bread pan for the dessert.  I think it was a 9 x 5 (at least that's what the recipe calls for).  At some point you are supposed to unmold it so I lined the pan with tin-foil but plastic wrap might work even better.  
First you put in a layer of graham crackers (they are supposed to fit snugly), then you add a layer of the cream.  Alternate until your pan is full (I had four layers of graham crackers and three layers of cream).
Then, here comes the sucky part, you have to refrigerate overnight.  Yep, overnight.  It'll just sit there, calling to you to poke it and taste it, but don't.  Don't let the kids or spouse poke at it either.
Finally - the NEXT DAY (can you tell I really wanted to sample it long before it was ready) - Anyway, place a plate on top of the pan and invert.  The dessert came out of the pan very easily but the tin foil stuck to it a little and caused some uneven edges.  Top with the whipped cream topping.
Like I mentioned before, I trimmed the edges to give it a nicer look.
Now, if my conversational way of giving out a recipe isn't for you and you want the actual recipe you can find it here:
If anyone tries this dessert I'd love to hear what you thought about it.  Also, I'm considering doing something like this on my blog more often.  Let me know if you would be interested in reading recipes from time to time. 






  1. I LOVED your conversational version of the recipe - I can so relate to having numerous substitutions!! But - that's a LOT of lemon juice!!!!!

  2. Erica - Yeah, that is a lot of lemon juice! But it also says you should get that amount from two large lemons. What was strange was when the cream was first made I took a taste from the bowl and it wasn't a very strong lemon flavor at all. But, today, it was perfect. I wonder if the lemon zest added a lot to it and why it should be left alone "over night."

    I'm glad you liked the conversational tone of the recipe. If I do anymore recipes that haven't been sent to me by a company or specifically found in a cookbook I'll probably resort to the typical delivery - Ingredients and Directions with some commentary through out.

  3. I loved your conversational way of presenting this, and I, too, can relate to the "not quite enough" and substitution method of making things. I don't have any of the ingredients, so will have to add them to my shopping list, so maybe I'll end up with something pretty close.

    Since you are using lemon juice & milk, I'm thinking that the milk is "souring", and setting up in a jell, sort of. I make "buttermilk" by mixing vinegar and milk and letting it set for 5 min., when I make buttermilk waffles, since I don't drink buttermilk, and never have it around.

  4. Linda - I've come across several recipes I haven't made because they call for buttermilk and I never have any. I had no idea I could substitute milk with vinegar. What ratio do you use?

  5. I too love your way of presenting the recipe!

    May I make a suggestion, though? Graham crackers sounds interesting, but kind of hard, so maybe something like angel food cake would work well. (I'm a texture person, lol)

    Another recipe to try with angel food cake:
    alternate crumbled angel food cake, white chocolate pudding, whipped topping, and cut up strawberries. And this one you don't have to wait for! :)

  6. Erin - the graham crackers get soft after the lemon cream sits on top of them for a day. They are more like a graham cracker crust that you'd make for a pie and maybe even softer.

    I'm going to have to give your recipe a try! We do strawberry shortcakes a lot in the summer and sometimes we use angle food. All I'd have to do it add chocolate pudding! Mmmm. Thank you!


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