Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

I've come prepared this Wednesday!

I'd like to mention again how appreciative I am of Susan from the Rapid City Library for allowing me on the discussion panel and in the book signing this past Saturday.  I had an absolute ball!  If anyone is interested in more of what I talked about you can click here to see my Panel Discussion post from last Sunday.

Now, onto this week.  It is supposed to be SPRING but this is what I woke up to yesterday!

Can you say BLECH!  I sure can. 

But, then again, the snow in the hills is a beautiful sight. 

Why must we go through this every year?  Spring!  No, wait... still winter... Ah, FINALLY, SPRING.  Ooops, not yet... Oh, I guess it's SUMMER!  I can hardly wait for Fall.  What?  It's WINTER again?  (And we're considering moving even farther north...)

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