Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

Today is Whatever Wednesday so here we go...

I recently set up Skype on my computer and had a conversation or two with my dad to check it out.  But just today I had a real conversation with a friend through Skype.

It was so simple and fun to see who I was talking to.  Except I really should clean my house before I answer the next Skype call.  :-)  Oh yeah, and lock up the kids who think it's the neatest thing too.

But, that's enough about Skype unless they want to pay me to become an advertiser.  

I've had quite a few hits because of posted pictures the last two weeks and figured I'd put up some more.  

I love sunset pictures

Yeah - I'm hungry
These are mini quiche and they are SO good.

These annoying little beauties will be showing their faces before too long
I'm so excited for dandelion season 
Our fields get full of them and I know I'm the only one who sees them as flowers and not weeds - hence the cute picture of one

Eww - Spider!
At least she was outside
That's the only thing that saved her


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