Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Death Has a Name
Jerry Hanel

Death Has a Name (Brodie Wade)

This weeks Recently Read post is brought to you by Keryl Raist, author of Sylvianna.
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Have you ever wandered what it would be like to have special powers?  To be psychic?  To know what's really going on?

Brodie Wade knows.  And it's not fun.  The Truth (the literal, platonic ideal, try to imagine the anthropomorphic personification sitting next to the rest of Neil Gaiman's Endless, Truth) is real, and Brodie can see it, and feel it.  And it has a message for him.

Death (also in the anthropomorphic personification mode, but very much not Gaiman's Death) is trying to get free to dominate the world.  And it's up to Brodie, his friend Detective Phil Dawson, and the members of Cogneto Veritas to keep it in it's place.

This is a speedy little read, a high quest urban fantasy wrapped in a mystery.  Brodie is one of the most enticing characters I've seen in recent years.  The dialog it tight.  And really, once you've got all that, what more could you want? 

If you'd be interested in either Death Has a Name (Brodie Wade) or Sylvianna you'll find the links below.

There is a Truth that exists. It is active. Alive. Fighting to make itself known. It's not my truth. It's not anyone's truth. It is The Truth.

Brodie Wade has been able to see and interact with it since he was a child, and it has scarred his mind and body. But it also gives him the ability to know things that he shouldn't know by nature, thus he has taken employment as a psychic detective.

Working together with Detective Phil Dawson, Brodie must summon all of his will to go head-to-head with The Truth to solve the latest string of murders. It appears that Dominick Fredrickton -- the Midnight Killer -- has returned from the grave, beheading the unfortunate few that get in his way.

Can Brodie stop the Angel of Death before he is freed from eternal bonds?

Sarah Metz just got to Sylvianna College. She went in search of a biology degree. She found a group of wizards on the run from their past. They remember her. She doesn't remember them. Over the next year, she'll help them fight off the creatures trying to kill them, fall back into love with the man who used to be her husband, break the heart of her best friend while doing it, and maybe, if they're very, very lucky, not remember who she used to be.

Sylvianna is a modern day fantasy with a scorching hot romance and a deeply layered plot. Angels, demons, magic, sword fights, free will, destiny, and true love all weave into a complex tale of the search for redemption.

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