Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recently Read - Transparent Lovers

Transparent Lovers
Scott Nicholson

Transparent Lovers  

I'm not sure which of these covers are correct.  The top is what comes up when I search Amazon from here on my blog but the cover on the bottom is what is currently ON Amazon.  Go figure!

No matter the cover, I really liked the story.

Here is my Amazon review:
I just finished reading Transparent Lovers and enjoyed it very much. I actually had tears at the end of the story. Scott does a great job with his descriptions and I love his take on the afterlife. Not at all what I would be picturing, but why it makes the story so enjoyable.

He uses just the right amount of humor, and heart to make this story great. Whether the author intended for it to be poignant or not, I took away a lot more from this story than just entertainment. I have marked several passages that I found inspiring and insightful. The story isn't simply about a man trying to solve his own murder, it's full of wonderful imagery of both the physical and emotional sides of our lives.

This is one I will be recommending to friends and family! 

Private investigator Richard Steele must solve his most difficult case ever—his own murder—while caught between women on both sides of the grave. His lover Lee is tangled up in the mess he left behind, and his dead ex-wife Diana has been waiting on the other side for her chance at revenge.

In a race against time as his spirit slips away, Richard confronts his many, many failings and faces a power beyond his understanding--love. His only weapon is faith, and he's running out of bullets.

It's going to be a hell of a final showdown.

DRM-free. About 22,000 words, equivalent of about 110 book pages. Includes the bonus ghost story "She Climbs a Winding Stair."

Transparent Lovers is currently priced at 99¢ and I think you'll find it money well spent.

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