Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Featured Book - The Wars of Gods and Men

The Wars of Gods and Men
W. Brondt Kamffer

The Wars of Gods and Men (The Ossian Chronicles) 

Book description:
Eboric and his wife Idonea, a pagan witch, successfully assassinate the King of East Osland, usurping his throne in the process. Together, they reignite a centuries-old civil war with West Osland, ruled by the peace-loving Ayern, who was responsible for ending the war in the recent past.

Meanwhile, the ambitious Kjar Kolrig has united the fractured tribes of Vistgard, and now seeks to invade Osland in a bid to expand his fledgling empire. He is supported by a school of sorcerers, though they soon begin to undermine his war effort.

All of them become ensnared in an ancient conflict between the pagan gods and the Ossian God Eom, which threatens to ruin both Eboric and Kolrig, as well as their kingdoms, if neither man can surrender his pride.

Author Bio:
W. Brondt Kamffer is South African by birth and a US immigrant (along with the rest of his family). He now resides in southern California where he lectures English composition at the California State University of Long Beach.

He became a writer only after he became an avid reader during his senior year of high school, right after he saw The Fellowship of the Ring film. That was his first encounter with fantasy, and he has been hooked ever since. Aside from a period of about two years when he focused on writing historical fiction, he has never wanted to write anything else. 

Connect with the author:
Website: wbrondtkamffer.com

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