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Giveaways and Contests April 29th, 2011

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Smashwords Giveaways

The Yellowstone Caldera has erupted once every 600,000 years. We’re 40,000 years overdue. Lava flows stretch for hundreds of miles. A cloud of ash billows east, burying the Midwest, destroying crops, and falling upon the Pacific Coast like a warm, dead snow. The remnants of the United States flees south as the global temperatures plummet. These are the stories of the survivors.
Jacob Cox is 18 and finds himself running his family's new business, a dilapidated bar in a forgotten seaside town. Jacob longs to escape his family of villains, liars and psychopaths. Could the bar be his last chance to make money and get away from everyone he despises? Is his family really that bad or is he actually worse than all of them put together? A screwball comedy about family.

A collection of my first five short stories, plus two new ones, all in one place! the new stories include "By The Teeth Of His Skin", a dark tale of the wicked way the mind works, and "Naughty and Nice", a twisted Christmas tale.



Angel Fire: The First Book of Fallen Angels Angel Fire
by Valmore Daniels - 2011 Hugo Award Nominee for his title Forbidden The Stars

Priced at only 99¢ until the end of April.


Angel Fire: The First Book of Fallen Angels


My name is Darcy Anderson, and I am cursed with a dark power: Whenever my life is in danger, something inside me summons elemental fire to protect me. I cannot control this.

One night, I was attacked in my home. The fire ... it raged out of control. I survived the inferno, but my house burned to the ground - with my parents inside.

I was at a loss to explain to the courts what happened, and so they sent me to prison for ten years for manslaughter.

Now I'm out on parole, and all I want is to return to my home town and rebuild my life; but the man who attacked me is back to finish the job he started.

I can sense the power in me growing. If I can't control it, it will control me and destroy everything - and everyone - I love.


This is the first of five novels in the Fallen Angels saga.



Included is an excerpt of "The Gods of Dream" by fantasy author Daniel Arenson.

Failing TestFailing Test
by J.M. Pierce

Currently priced at 99¢


You know him, but you can't remember his name. He is the one that is always there, in the background, all but invisible to those roaming the hallways. What if he had a secret? What if it was a secret that even he didn't know?

Test Davis has always been a blur to those around him. He's a shadow like a million other kids--not smart enough for the academic team, not beast enough for the football team, not extroverted enough for the drama crowd. In all things Test is just...not, which is why no one ever notices him.

But what happens when someone does notice him-- Nicole Paxton, a cheerleader, no less? What happens on the night that Test finds out there's nothing average about him and that a powerful gift has been hidden within, secretly waiting to be set free and alter his life forever? The question is, will that power save him and those he loves or tear them apart?

As an added bonus, you can read an excerpt from Dawn McCullough-White's dark fantasy novel, Cameo and the Highwayman!

Dead to WritesDead to Writes

by Cathy Wiley

Only 99¢!


Cassandra Ellis is a soon-to-be published author, days away from achieving her lifetime goal. But before she can celebrate, before she can even have her first book signing, she’s brought in to Baltimore City Police Headquarters for questioning in connection to a real-life murder.

It seems she’s the last person to see the victim alive, since she had just met with the former arsonist to conduct research for her next book. Most damning, her day planner was found next to the body.

When another of her subject matter experts is killed-- again right after meeting with her-- Cassie decides to investigate things herself, rather than leaving it in the hands of the police. Although she’d love to get her hands on the homicide detective assigned to the cases.

Using all the tools available to her, including her research skills, her knowledge of murder and murderers, and… psychic parrots, she tries to solve the case before another friend is killed. Along the way, she finds out that murder in real life is different than murder on the page. 

Death Rhythm Death Rhythm
by Joel Arnold

99¢ through April


In this novel of psychological horror and suspense, Andrew Byrd learns of his mother’s sadistic past through an aunt he’s only just met. When he meets his aunt's strange neighbors, he quickly learns that his mother’s savage adolescence was only the seed for a series of awful events unfolding in the present. Will he be able to stop them before it's too late?

And what about the mysterious Evelyn? Will the echoes of an old drum lead Andrew to her? Or will they merely draw him into a vicious cycle that is impossible to stop?

About the author:

Joel Arnold's writing has appeared in dozens of publications, with work accepted by venues ranging from Weird Tales, Cemetery Dance and Chizine to American Road Magazine and Many of his short stories are available as free podcasts at, and three of his short story collections have already been made available for the Kindle. He recently received a 2010 Minnesota Artists Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, as well as a 2010 Gulliver Travel and Research Grant.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recently Read - Transparent Lovers

Transparent Lovers
Scott Nicholson

Transparent Lovers  

I'm not sure which of these covers are correct.  The top is what comes up when I search Amazon from here on my blog but the cover on the bottom is what is currently ON Amazon.  Go figure!

No matter the cover, I really liked the story.

Here is my Amazon review:
I just finished reading Transparent Lovers and enjoyed it very much. I actually had tears at the end of the story. Scott does a great job with his descriptions and I love his take on the afterlife. Not at all what I would be picturing, but why it makes the story so enjoyable.

He uses just the right amount of humor, and heart to make this story great. Whether the author intended for it to be poignant or not, I took away a lot more from this story than just entertainment. I have marked several passages that I found inspiring and insightful. The story isn't simply about a man trying to solve his own murder, it's full of wonderful imagery of both the physical and emotional sides of our lives.

This is one I will be recommending to friends and family! 

Private investigator Richard Steele must solve his most difficult case ever—his own murder—while caught between women on both sides of the grave. His lover Lee is tangled up in the mess he left behind, and his dead ex-wife Diana has been waiting on the other side for her chance at revenge.

In a race against time as his spirit slips away, Richard confronts his many, many failings and faces a power beyond his understanding--love. His only weapon is faith, and he's running out of bullets.

It's going to be a hell of a final showdown.

DRM-free. About 22,000 words, equivalent of about 110 book pages. Includes the bonus ghost story "She Climbs a Winding Stair."

Transparent Lovers is currently priced at 99¢ and I think you'll find it money well spent.

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Whatever Wednesday

Happy Easter

Yes, I know this is a little late but such is the way of my world.  I try not to be, but I'm late more often than I should be.
I hope everyone had a great holiday and was able to celebrate in the way you feel is appropriate.

My girls had a great day.  The three-year-old told me, repeatedly, "This is the best Easter ever!"
My sweet, loving and gentle daughters got to hunt for eggs and the one-year-old destroyed an egg.  I have proof!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Featured Book - Slave

VS Williams



Slave is a modern reworking of Eve's seduction.

In 2003, the great metropolis of London is at the height of an economic boom, awash with easy credit and moral frailty. Eve - yes, *that* Eve - has been cast into this sleazy, sexy city, wide-eyed, fearful and without any recollection of who she once was. She's a marketing exec now, part of a machine that peddles the dream. There's no-one significant in Eve's life and she's so desperately lonely it feels like she's carrying a vast hole inside her. Little does she realize that many eyes are on her.
Click below to buy your copy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Featured Book - Raven's Kiss

Raven's Kiss
Toni LoTempio


Raven Grace was a college senior with ambitions of a career in law enforcement when she met the demon Aega, whose bite turned her from mortal to Shapeshifter.  Now a member of the Recovery Organization, Raven keeps the peace between humans and errant Hellhounds, trolls, wizards and the like – but her secret ambition is to track down Aega  and bring him to justice.  A chance encounter gives her the opportunity she seeks – in a universe that exists parallel to her own!
Recovery Captain Finn McPhee doesn’t know what to make of the strange girl who’s entered his universe – and his heart – But Raven’s quest coincides with his own investigation, a series of murders committed by a serial killer. Complicating matters is the fact Finn is a Mentos – mind-prober- which means Raven has to keep her lusty thoughts under wraps.  Seeking answers, Finn takes Raven to the magickal underworld, where an ancient fae  informs them the demon’s quest is rooted in Scottish mythology and magick.  As they delve deeper into legend, the truth comes to light—Aega is only a pawn, subservient to another, darker demon…a being who knows the truth about Raven’s heritage, and who orchestrated her return to this parallel universe for the ultimate showdown.  Now, Finn and Raven find their passion for one another must take a backseat to Raven’s battle with a  dark force who won’t be satisfied until he’s claimed her soul for his very own…
Connect with the author:
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Recently Read

Death Has a Name
Jerry Hanel

Death Has a Name (Brodie Wade)

This weeks Recently Read post is brought to you by Keryl Raist, author of Sylvianna.
Thank you for submitting, Keryl!

Have you ever wandered what it would be like to have special powers?  To be psychic?  To know what's really going on?

Brodie Wade knows.  And it's not fun.  The Truth (the literal, platonic ideal, try to imagine the anthropomorphic personification sitting next to the rest of Neil Gaiman's Endless, Truth) is real, and Brodie can see it, and feel it.  And it has a message for him.

Death (also in the anthropomorphic personification mode, but very much not Gaiman's Death) is trying to get free to dominate the world.  And it's up to Brodie, his friend Detective Phil Dawson, and the members of Cogneto Veritas to keep it in it's place.

This is a speedy little read, a high quest urban fantasy wrapped in a mystery.  Brodie is one of the most enticing characters I've seen in recent years.  The dialog it tight.  And really, once you've got all that, what more could you want? 

If you'd be interested in either Death Has a Name (Brodie Wade) or Sylvianna you'll find the links below.

There is a Truth that exists. It is active. Alive. Fighting to make itself known. It's not my truth. It's not anyone's truth. It is The Truth.

Brodie Wade has been able to see and interact with it since he was a child, and it has scarred his mind and body. But it also gives him the ability to know things that he shouldn't know by nature, thus he has taken employment as a psychic detective.

Working together with Detective Phil Dawson, Brodie must summon all of his will to go head-to-head with The Truth to solve the latest string of murders. It appears that Dominick Fredrickton -- the Midnight Killer -- has returned from the grave, beheading the unfortunate few that get in his way.

Can Brodie stop the Angel of Death before he is freed from eternal bonds?

Sarah Metz just got to Sylvianna College. She went in search of a biology degree. She found a group of wizards on the run from their past. They remember her. She doesn't remember them. Over the next year, she'll help them fight off the creatures trying to kill them, fall back into love with the man who used to be her husband, break the heart of her best friend while doing it, and maybe, if they're very, very lucky, not remember who she used to be.

Sylvianna is a modern day fantasy with a scorching hot romance and a deeply layered plot. Angels, demons, magic, sword fights, free will, destiny, and true love all weave into a complex tale of the search for redemption.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

I've come prepared this Wednesday!

I'd like to mention again how appreciative I am of Susan from the Rapid City Library for allowing me on the discussion panel and in the book signing this past Saturday.  I had an absolute ball!  If anyone is interested in more of what I talked about you can click here to see my Panel Discussion post from last Sunday.

Now, onto this week.  It is supposed to be SPRING but this is what I woke up to yesterday!

Can you say BLECH!  I sure can. 

But, then again, the snow in the hills is a beautiful sight. 

Why must we go through this every year?  Spring!  No, wait... still winter... Ah, FINALLY, SPRING.  Ooops, not yet... Oh, I guess it's SUMMER!  I can hardly wait for Fall.  What?  It's WINTER again?  (And we're considering moving even farther north...)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Featured Book - The Wars of Gods and Men

The Wars of Gods and Men
W. Brondt Kamffer

The Wars of Gods and Men (The Ossian Chronicles) 

Book description:
Eboric and his wife Idonea, a pagan witch, successfully assassinate the King of East Osland, usurping his throne in the process. Together, they reignite a centuries-old civil war with West Osland, ruled by the peace-loving Ayern, who was responsible for ending the war in the recent past.

Meanwhile, the ambitious Kjar Kolrig has united the fractured tribes of Vistgard, and now seeks to invade Osland in a bid to expand his fledgling empire. He is supported by a school of sorcerers, though they soon begin to undermine his war effort.

All of them become ensnared in an ancient conflict between the pagan gods and the Ossian God Eom, which threatens to ruin both Eboric and Kolrig, as well as their kingdoms, if neither man can surrender his pride.

Author Bio:
W. Brondt Kamffer is South African by birth and a US immigrant (along with the rest of his family). He now resides in southern California where he lectures English composition at the California State University of Long Beach.

He became a writer only after he became an avid reader during his senior year of high school, right after he saw The Fellowship of the Ring film. That was his first encounter with fantasy, and he has been hooked ever since. Aside from a period of about two years when he focused on writing historical fiction, he has never wanted to write anything else. 

Connect with the author:

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Panel Discussion and Book Signing

I was honored to be a part of the panel discussion and book signing put on by the Rapid City Library.  It was an absolutely great turn out and I met all kinds of great people and authors.

I really hope everyone who attended got a lot from the discussion because I know I did.  There was a ton of information shared about publishing, distribution and printing.  There were several people that came up to talk to me and I thought it might be helpful if I posted here about my topic - digital publishing. 

I was so nervous I didn't follow my pre-written speech and got a little lost along the way.  I'd hoped to give more information than I did but since I didn't I'm going to post it here.

Please keep in mind, if you are going to use this blog for anything other than entertainment purposes, do your own research first.  Be sure that self publishing is the way you want to take your work and make sure the places you entrust your work to will do what you need done.  This post will cover a lot of ground and give only the basics.  There is an awful lot of information out there and what you will want to use completely depends on your target market.

I'm of the mind that self publishing is different for everyone.  For example, I didn't have a single problem uploading my books to Amazon Kindle but spoke with an author that found it an absolute nightmare.  It's different for all of us and maybe not the right thing for all of us either.

First of all, lets face it, writing can be a very personal experience.  Just because our stories are made up doesn't mean they don't hold a special place in our hearts.  For this reason, I self published without shopping my books around.  I like the control I keep with self publishing.  From what I've read and heard from fellow authors the work done by the self published author and the traditionally published author is very much the same.  Of course, there are benefits to being traditionally published that you can not find in the self publishing world, but it really does go both ways.  Each author has to decide for himself/herself which one is more appealing to them.

I was going to start out my presentation with some numbers to put digital publishing in perspective, so I will do that now.

Amazon has sold several million Kindles since 2007.  Some estimates have reported over ten-million Kindles have been sold.  That's ten-million Kindles, it does not include the Barnes & Noble Nook, the iPad or any other eReader device.  Also, Amazon has several free applications making it possible to read Kindle books on your computer, your phone and your iPod.  These free applications are also not included in that ten-million figure either. 

That's a lot of potential readers for any self or traditionally published author.  Back in January, Amazon reported that Kindle copies outsold paperbacks from their website.  I don't know if that trend will continue or not, but I'm guessing it will happen again.  This does not mean paper books are dead, it just means there are people out there willing to buy ebooks as well as paper copies.  No matter how you publish, digital has become a very important aspect that we can't afford to over look. 

Some big named authors, like Stephen King, are starting to put some work out on their own and Barry Eisler, author of Hard Rain and NYT Bestseller, turned down a $500,000 deal to self publish an upcoming title.  On the other end of the spectrum, Amanda Hocking tried for years to get agents and publishers interested in her work and finally decided to self publish what had been rejected numerous times.  Since she put her books out into the digital realm (I believe it was April of 2010), she's sold well over one million copies.  This caught the attention of agents and publishers who rallied at her door asking to represent and publish her next series.  She was recently offered a contract with St. Martin's Press for a four book deal with an approximate $2 million advance.

Those are the bigger numbers of the select few.  Digital publishing does not guarantee big sales or recognition.  Each author sees success or not as according to the whims of the readers and how hard they, the authors, work before and after making the book available.  However, selling a few copies here and there is much more appealing to me than writing query letters to agents and publishers and waiting, possibly months, for them to respond with a probable "No thanks."  I don't make enough money to pay all of my bills but I am making enough money to help pay the bills AND I'm being read. 

To give you some more perspective, I sold over 1000 digital books in less than a year.  That's better than I did with just paperback copies available and much better than sending out queries and not making any money.  However, I'm no where near being able to let my husband retire.

Now, I'm going to assume everyone reading this is considering self publishing.  If you are considering digital it is very easy to get started (from my experience).  You can go to and start an author account and upload a Word file.  They will convert it to a .mobi (the format used by Kindle) and put you up for sale on their website.  When I first uploaded, Kindle was the only place I could upload directly.  I had to use to make my books available for B&N Nook, Apple's iBookstore and other online distributors like Sony (sold at Borders, I believe).

Recently, Barnes and Noble has added PubIt so authors can upload directly and if you have access to an Intel Mac you can upload directly to Apple.  I have remained with Smashwords for the time being because my books already have reviews and ratings that I would lose if I changed the distribution channels.

If you are taking notes, the places to check out are Amazon kdp (Kindle Direct Publishing), (they have great tutorials for uploading Word files that work for the other distributors as well.  Smashwords also distributes to every outlet except Amazon Kindle.  For direct publishing with Barnes & Noble you can go to PubIt. 

Now that you have an idea of where to publish, you will need to focus on marketing.  It's best to start marketing before your books are available, get the word out.  You can send advanced readers copies (ARCs) to book blogger/reviewers, talk about your books on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and any other social media outlet you can find.  Get involved in places like Goodreads, Shelfari and other book related forums.  Kindleboards is a great one to meet readers and other authors.  It's recommended that you start your own website and blog.  I have a blog (hehe - you know this because you are here).  Generally, I post listings of other authors books to help them get the word out.  I don't have a huge following, but helping out other authors helps you.  They will help spread the word about your books as well.

Then we have paid ads.  There are literally hundreds of opportunities to spend money on ads.  Be careful what you choose.  A lot of them don't have a large enough following to recoup your money or might have a different audience than you need to reach.  What I write next will focus on internet ads but there are plenty of print ads that can be beneficial as well.  I'll leave the research for your particular book up to you.

That said, I've found Kindle Nation Daily (KND), eReader News Today (ENT) and Daily Cheap Reads (DCR) to be worthwhile investments for almost every genre. 

KND has over 7,000 subscribers so the odds of some of those people being interested in your genre is pretty good.  I believe his cheapest ad is $79.99 for a one day listing.  Not all that cheap, but I was very fortunate when my book was listed there.  My listed genre on his blog was "spy thriller" and I sold 122 books the day I was listed and 54 books during another free listing. 

ENT has become more and more popular but their ads remained at $25 for a one day listing when I last checked.  I also was fortunate enough to get a free listing as well as a paid listing at ENT.  The free listing brought me 47 sales and the paid listing brought me 55 sales.

DCR works a bit differently.  Again, at my last check, they were a free listing but your book must have at least five reviews on Amazon.  I made 61 sales the day I was listed at DCR.

The three aforementioned blogs are all largely subscribed to and read blogs and newsletters that can result in enough sales to justify the cost.  I made mention of free listings at KND and ENT but want to add here that those free listings were given to me because of scheduling mix-ups.  These blogs are scheduled well into the coming months and some scheduling mistakes happen from time to time.  I was a little upset each time this happened to me, but the blog owners are very generous and really try to keep their customers happy.  The mistakes turned out to be a boon for me.  NEVER turn down free advertising!  My advice to you, if it's free and the blogger is open to your genre - submit!

Earlier, I mentioned getting reviews.  Another piece of advice I will give is Do Not Pay for Reviews.  There are sites out there that will review your book for a fee.  They may say that the review is honest and it very well may be honest, but if your readers find out that the review was paid for they won't even consider it - honest or not, unless it's a negative review.  There are a lot of reviewers out there that will read and review your book if you send them a copy.  Some require paper copies but a lot have gone digital.  Just be sure not to submit a Horror novel to someone who requests only Romance.  Book blogs are around every corner on the internet, so to speak.  You just have to search out those that are compatible with your books.

Almost everyone has a Facebook page now-a-days.  If you don't, you really should.  Create a fanpage on Facebook.  It has a very easy step by step walk-through and if you run into any problems, Google is spectacular for finding information for you if you simply type in your question. 

Some authors create one page for each book they have out.  I chose to create an author profile and a fan page where I talk about all of my books.  It's easier for me to manage.

I have a Twitter account that is connected directly to my author fan page at Facebook.  Anything I post on my author page gets tweeted at Twitter.  Also, my blog is directly connected to my Facebook through Network Blogs (available through Facebook).

Finally, I will mention places like Shelfari, Goodreads and LibraryThing.  These are online places that cater to readers.  They help readers find books they might be interested in by connecting them with other readers and even authors.  Shelfari is affiliated with Amazon, Goodreads allows the author/publisher to offer free copies of their books in the hopes that the winner posts a review.  Library thing is still a bit of a mystery to me but essentially it's like the other two sites where you list what you've read and can make friends and get recommendations.

This was my intended speech for the panel discussion and I hope this information helps someone out there. 

I am not an expert on any of these matters.  I've just written what I've discovered in my travels through digital publishing and cyber space.  If anyone has any further questions or comments I'd love to hear from you in the comments section.  You can also reach me at authorjcphelps at yahoo dot com.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

Whatever Wednesday

I get to post another Whatever Wednesday.  The pressure to actually do something so I'll have something to talk about on Wednesday's is quite stiff.  :-)

Today is my oldest daughters birthday!
Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I crocheted this blanket for her recently and thought I'd share it today since it IS her birthday gift.

On another note - I am excited to announce I will be allowed to participate in a very large book signing hosted by the Rapid City Library.  It will be held at General Beadle School Saturday, April 16th from 1PM till 4PM.  The panel discussion is between 1PM and 2PM and the signing is between 2PM and 4PM.

Here is an excerpt from an online article by Susan Braunstein
you can find the complete article here:

April is Busting with Gardening and Writers
March 22, 2011
By Susan Braunstein

In celebration of National Library Week a “Writers Gathering” is planned at the General Beadle Elementary School commons area on April 16 with the theme of “Self-Publishing, Marketing and Printing.” It starts with a panel discussion at 1 p.m. followed by book signing and selling from 2-4 p.m.

Panelists include: Dianna Fuchs (Dee Dee Fox ) author and illustrator of Ruby Red Slippers; Paul Horsted, owner of Dakota Photographic LLC and the author of “Crossing the Plains with Custer,” a companion volume to his earlier book, “Exploring with Custer: the 1874 Black Hills Expeditions,”; “The Black Hills Yesterday & Today” and “Custer State Park: from the Mountains to the Plains”; Toby Brusseau, author and photographer of “I am South Dakota” covering the stories of 10 different South Dakotans; Dave Strain, the owner of Dakota West Books, an online source for books, videos and tapes about the history of Native Americans and the Old West. He also the author of “Black Hills Hay Camp: Images and Perspectives of Early Rapid City,” and J.C. Phelps (Jean Wise). Wise has her own publishing company and is the author of a three book young adult series, “Color Me Grey,” “Shades of Grey” and “Reflections of Grey.”

In addition to the panelists, other authors who have agreed to sell and sign their books include: Sandra Brannan, Mary Goulet, Ta’Mara Hanscom, Michael Foster, Mike Forrette, Margie Ladue, Mary Kopco, Peter Vodenka, Rick Mills, Michael Trump, Louise Hespen-Engelstad, Paul Higbee and members of the Black Hills Writing Group and the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group.

I've posted a few links to authors books/websites. Panelist's books or websites:
Dee Dee Fox  

Paul Horsted

Toby Brusseau

Dave Strain

J.C. Phelps

Sandra Brannan

Mary Ellen Goulet

Ta'Mara Hanscom

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Featured Book - Asylum

Erik Lynd



Forced into a psychiatric hospital by uncaring parents, a teenage boy must master the strange power within himself to overcome the horror gathering in the shadows.

Andrew Harland has been a loner since being diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is shuffled around from juvenile detention centers to outpatient clinics with expensive doctors. Nothing seems to help. His parents, desperate to have him out of the house, decide to send him off to a revolutionary new psychiatric hospital in the Pacific Northwest.

Andrew is different, and he knows it. He always has. So he doesn't hesitate when the voices in his head tell him to climb out on a window ledge . . .

Haunted by his own son's suicide, Dr. David Styles rescues Andrew from the ledge and takes a personal interest in his case. After getting to know him, Dr. Styles becomes suspicious of the boy's diagnosis. What he uncovers sends him on a desperate journey to rescue Andrew.

Because something is terribly wrong at the hospital.

Treatments are conducted at odd hours. Patients disappear into the bowels of the massive, aged building, sometimes never to be seen again, and Andrew is plagued by visions stranger than any he's ever known.

And the voices in Andrew's head are getting louder.
Author Bio:
Erik Lynd lives in the Pacific Northwest with my wife and two children.  His novel, Asylum, is available at, and the iBookstore.

Promotions:  Asylum is currently on sale for the month of April for .99

Click below to buy your copy

Buy at Amazon for Kindle

 Buy at Barnes & Noble

Buy at Smashwords