Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whatever Wednesday


Here I am to talk about whatever again today.  I seem to get more interest in posts with some of my pictures so I'll upload a few more.

I love photography and would love to take more and more picture.  Some people like to photograph people, some like scenery and some like abstract.  I'm a bit of a mixture.  The people part, not so much, but the scenery and abstract - yep!  Bring it on!

I like the black and white photos - especially with snow.  Now that our snow has melted AGAIN, I feel it's okay to post a picture or two with snow.  

This picture is of our lamp post outside my dad's bar - The Barn. 

My neighbors horse - I changed the photo to black and white but could hardly tell a difference so I've posted it here in color.

A small path not far from my house.  The limestone had a beautiful orangy/red tint to it that day.

A little further along the path - before our footprints marred the trail.

Devil's Tower isn't very far away.

Yes - I photoshopped - but not a whole lot.  Fall colors are fun!  This is taken on my dad's property near his dam.

This tree has special meaning to me and my family.  Again, it's on our property and stands guard over my mother's grave.  Morbid, I know.  But, I love my mother and her being buried at home is a good thing.

Well!  I added one of Devil's Tower - might as well add one of the monument that I live near!

This is a panoramic view of one of the "pigtail" bridges in the Black Hills.  I spliced this one so if you make it bigger you'll notice some odd color shifts here and there.  I'm not the best with my photoshop, but I'm practicing.

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  1. Very cool - so jealous of what you have in your "backyard"


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