Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

I haven't done a Whatever Wednesday post for ages.  I'd say it's about time.  But... what do I talk about?

Whatever - that's what!

It's snowing today.  I've lived in this area my whole life and I'd miss the snow if it never came, but I'm ready for spring!  At this time of year, snow is quite depressing.  Hopefully it won't be here much longer.

This is what my tree in the front yard looks like today.  It certainly makes for a glum mood.

Maybe posting some different pictures will lighten my mood.

This is a Monkey Flower we found in Yellowstone, last May.

This is the picture I use for my blog background.  It was taken last summer.  My camera said it was January of 2006, but - It Lies!

Nothing says spring quite like tulips with water droplets on them!

I feel a theme coming on - flower, fog, flower, fog. This was taken at Yellowstone last May (2010).  It was wonderfully creepy and alluring.

Where does the red fern grow?  In Yellowstone, that's where!  This was an especially cool find for us since my daughter had just finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows.

And... I have to post one more of Yellowstone.  The colors are just so amazing!

I have two more pictures I'd like to include for something different.  I just love the moss on the huge trees in my dad's front yard.

And here is the last one.  If you can't be nice - talk to the hand!


  1. Neat pix, JC. I especially like the tulip, but the colors of Yellowstone is pretty, too. I've never gotten to go there, but it's on my bucket list.

  2. Cool pictures, JC. It's a snow day (no school) here in Wisconsin - about 3 more inches heaped on top of what we already had. >:(

    Please, spring, come soon!!!

  3. Linda - the tulip is MINE. :-) I'm happily awaiting them to pop up again this year. Yellowstone is a must if you're into scenery. It's absolutely amazing!

  4. Erica and Christy - hee hee. I suspect it's really just Erica becaue I know YOU live in Wisconsin. I'm so sorry, but a snow day is better than a snowy school day! I just hope it doesn't lengthen your school year. I'm not certain, but if we get another snow day the kids and teachers will probably have to go longer.


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