Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Featured Book - Vampire Drabbles

Vampire Drabbles
Jason G. Anderson

The Vampire Drabbles: 40 Bites of Fiction (vampire short stories)  

A man reminisces with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

A writer learns inspiration can have unexpected consequences.

A couple learns the dangers of driving in stormy weather.

THE VAMPIRE DRABBLES is a collection of forty 100-word short stories (drabbles) exploring vampire myths from all over the world. From the modern Western vampire of film and TV to the shape-shifting Priculics of Romania to the giant bird-like Impundulu of South Africa, these stories will amuse and horrify you.

It's not safe to go out after dark...
Edited by Lynn O'Dell (Red Adept Reviews)

Author Bio:
Jason G. Anderson lives in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) with his wonderful wife, Marina, and their three cats. During the day he assists scientists researching Antarctica; analysing satellite imagery and helping the scientists to manage the large quantities of data they acquire. At night he prefers to write about imaginary worlds far removed from our own. You can find out more about what he is up to at

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