Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Featured Book - Serendipity House

Serendipity House
Joyce DeBacco

Serendipity House 


Demoralized by her mother and fiancĂ©, Sylvie heads for the hills on the day she’s to wed. Coming across a quaint country inn with an intriguing name, she impulsively checks in. There she finds the support and genuine affection she’s always longed for; she even accepts the job of managing it.
When Alex arrives, she immediately becomes suspicious. Why would an attractive and distinguished man want to vacation at an inn that’s clearly seen better days? Although she’s determined to avoid him, she finds herself falling for him.
Then she learns that Alex is actually a streetwise PI sent by her jilted fiancĂ© to bring her home, and she’s furious. Complicating matters further, he’s also bought the inn and wants her to help renovate it, not an easy task with someone sabotaging their efforts.

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