Monday, March 7, 2011

Featured Book - Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect
  Brianna Lee McKenzie
Ripple Effect 

     Believing that the only joy in her life was watching the sun set, Amber Tamblin wanted desperately to escape her mundane and constricting life.  With the prospect of creating her own destiny, she dreamed of the day when she would be free of her parents’ tyranny, free to make her own rules.
     Then, she found a new bliss in Jeff Connelly.  With his Caribbean blue eyes, silky blond curls and a smile to die for, Jeff captured her heart in an instant.  She would have done anything for him, would have given her life for him.  In fact, she did.  And at that final moment, she decided that life was worth living after all.  But it was too late to change her mind.      
     Amber tells her story in her own cynical and sometimes verbose way, speaking to the reader as if she is conversing with her best friend.  She has to.  Her best friend died when she was a senior in High School.  This traumatic event catapulted Amber into the fast-paced, roller-coaster ride, which caused her to make decisions that would eventually end the life that she had once detested but, with Jeff’s love, had finally learned to adore.   For Amber, the Ripple Effect of consequences began as minor waves of distracting disasters but soon mounted into a tsunami of repercussions that would change her life forever. 
     This often humorous first-person narrative is intended for young adults who enjoy the thrill of living life on the edge.  But parents of perplexing teens would also appreciate discovering what motivates them.  Join Amber on her journey from pessimistic teen to retrospective adult who realizes, at the last possible moment, that living and merely existing are not one and the same.

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