Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Featured Book - Catch a Shooting Star

Catch a Shooting Star
Brianna Lee McKenzie

Catch a Shooting Star  

Tortured, beaten and then left to die in the barren Mexican desert, Savannah Star overcame her misery and walked northward to a small border town in Texas where she stayed, building the courage to return to retrieve her son and to punish her husband Diego for his brutal treatment of her. Haunted for almost two years by Diego’s ominous laughter, the last sound that she’d heard as he’d ridden away with her baby in his arms, Savannah was not brave enough to make that journey until a stranger came into town vowing revenge against her husband. She asked the former Texas Ranger to take her along, to allow her to kill her husband and to reclaim her son. At first, Travis was reluctant to have a woman along on such a dangerous mission until he saw that she could shoot a pistol almost as precisely as he could. When he relented, they began their journey southward, toward their shared destiny.

This, my discerning disciples of human passion, is not a typical Historical Romance. Savannah Star is no damsel in distress who relies on a man to defend her honor. She is a woman bent upon making her husband pay for taking her son and for leaving her to die in the desert, even if it means making herself a widow. Travis Corbett is no rogue lover whose only mission is to conquer every female that he encounters. His obsession is achieving vengeance against the man who’d murdered the only woman that he’d ever loved, a man who happens to be Savannah’s husband. Together, they undertake the task of attaining retribution against a man whose mission was to conquer all. And, together, they discover love through their combined destiny, only to find themselves persistently pushing each other away.

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