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Featured Author - Bradley Convissar

Bradley Convissar
Pandora's Children Book 3: Death Bleeds Into LifePandora's Children Book 1: In the Chair

What you will find in the Pandora’s Children short story books is what I describe as classic horror; no slasher stories, no gore for the sake of gore, no zombies and definitely no vampire romances.  This is strictly old school King/Koontz/ Staub/Barker psychological horror featuring men, monsters and ghosts.  

I currently have 3 short story collections out with 1 more on the way: Pandora's Children Books 1-3, In The Chair, Too Young To Die and Death Bleeds Into Life, respectively.  The first book has 2 stories (16,000 words), the second has 3 stories (30,000 words) and book 3 has 4 stories (40,000 words).  

Pandora's Children Book 3: Death Bleeds Into LifeThe fourth book, entitled the Wretched Ones, will have 4 stories and be close to 55,000 words.  

I also have a free 7-story, 20,000 word collection called Pandora's Children: Dark Interludes at Smashwords.  If you enjoy horror, take a look.  You won’t be disappointed.  More info on the individual books can be found at the official website:

Author Bio:  
I am a 33 year old dentist from NJ.  I graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans in 1999 with a degree in Evolutionary Biology and earned my DMD in lovely Newark, NJ in 2003.  I am married, have 2 young kids and a diabetic wiener dog, and I love to extract teeth :-)  I a diehard Philadelphia Phillies fan who was there when they won the World Series in 2008.  I’ll tell you, I feared for my life when I stepped out of the stadium that night; I felt like I was in a post-apocalyptic America.  Teenagers were rioting, cars were overturned, broken glass was everywhere, and every trashcan was full of flames.  My wife and I raced back to our car as quickly as possible for fear of being trampled. I love reading comic books and playing on my Nintendo Wii During my oral surgery rotation, I actually had the honor of extracting the teeth of felons while they were handcuffed to my chair.  I was warned more than once to keep the sharp instruments away from them. And one morning, not long after 9/11, while living in an  apartment in Northern Jersey, I was awoken at 8:00am by 2 men in full biohazard suits searching for the presence of a mystery chemical reported by one of the residents.  Turned out to just be liquid curry spilled in the common room.  And that, my friends, is the extent of the interesting parts of my life.  

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I have 2 promotions going on at this moment:
  • I am offering a coupon code for Pandora’s Children Book 2: too Young To Die on my Facebook Fan page.  Just head over to, click the free tab button on the left, hit the Like button, and a coupon code for Smashwords becomes available so readers can download it in any format they choose.  This promotion runs through 3/10/11

  • Description of Dark Interludes is as follows (simple but effective):  A horrific car accident.  A child’s playhouse that is not what it seems.  A four-way intersection that shouldn’t exist.  An anniversary dinner between Vietnam veterans.  A dentist and a wood chipper.  A man trapped within his own skin.  A Christmas Grinch.  Seven short and disturbing tales that will keep you thinking long after you turn your eReader off.  
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