Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feature - The Gods of Dream

The Gods of Dream
Daniel Arenson

The Gods of Dream, a Fantasy Novel  

Visited Narnia and Middle Earth?  Now escape into Dream.

What are dreams? Some think they are figments of our mind. But what if they were wisps of a distant, magical world... a world you could visit?

Twins Cade and Tasha discover Dream, the land dreams come from. It is a realm of misty forests, of verdant mountains, of mysterious gods who send dreams into our sleep. Cade and Tasha seek solace there; they are refugees, scarred and haunted with memories of war. In Dream, they can forget their past, escape the world, and find joy.

Phobetor, the god of Nightmare, was outcast from Dream. Now he seeks to destroy it. He sends his monsters into Dream, and Cade and Tasha find their sanctuary threatened, dying. To save it, the twins must overcome their past, journey into the heart of Nightmare, and face Phobetor himself.

Discover a world of light and darkness, of hope and fear, of dreams and nightmares. Discover The Gods of Dream

"Daniel Arenson's The Gods of Dream is a marvelous tale of two war-torn orphans whose lives are turned upside down when a hawk named Windwhisper comes to them for help. Windwhisper tells them that the land of Dream is in dire trouble, and only the orphans can save it. Dream is the land where humans' dreams come from. Sitting alongside of Dream is Nightmare. If Nightmare, ruled by Phobetor, takes control of Dream, those of Earth will die from their nightmares.

This book is masterfully crafted and sits in the vein of Tolkien and Lewis. Arenson's descriptions pull you into the book and allow you to follow the adventures of Cade and Tasha -- as well as Harmony, Starlight, Moonmist and Yor.

It is a tale of heroism personified. You won't regret reading this book." 
Amazon review by ~Sean M. Sweeney~ 

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  1. I love the artwork. I have Daniel's first book on my Kindle, but just haven't had much time for reading lately. Hope to remedy that soon!


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