Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog Tour! Gayle Hayes

Yay!  Another blog tour!  I love these.  Today I have the pleasure to feature Gayle Hayes and her book, Summer Solstice

When an old woman falls while answering her doorbell at one o'clock in the morning on the SUMMER SOLSTICE of 2010, her niece enters the same orbit as a dangerous and diverse group of people whom she otherwise never would have known.

JAYME BAKER appears to be in her thirties and is attractive, newly divorced, and hopes to write nature stories for children someday. She leaves her "dream job" to become caregiver to her aunt, CORA, in Port Owen, Montana, nestled on the shores of Flathead Lake, a tourist attraction. Jayme meets SHERIFF R. BATES RIGGS on the plane to Montana. He is a disgruntled former FBI agent who is still sexy at fifty-five, plays jazz piano, and photographs wildlife instead of mounting them on his wall. He is the son of a Native American mother and "a high roller from back east by way of Texas who had a good job with the Bureau of Indian Affairs under Eisenhower."

Jayme rides to Port Owen with the sheriff, who loans her his car when he leaves to investigate an accident. This "sensible decision" leads to the first of three crimes where Jayme finds herself a victim of the type of people she has seen only from a distance as a criminal paralegal. Seemingly minor crimes have tragic consequences. The story moves quickly as the crimes and criminals overlap. As companion to the sheriff, Jayme is privy to the investigation of a series of murders. Jayme's attention to detail and analytical mind make her a valuable sidekick. A "quirk" in her personality compels her to follow a good mystery.

If you long for a wholesome, old-fashioned love story with an admirable hero and heroine in believable predicaments and enjoy solving a mystery, SUMMER SOLSTICE will not disappoint.

Amazon Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Summer Solstice by Gayle Hayes, January 23, 2011
This review is from: Summer Solstice (Kindle Edition)
I sincerely enjoyed reading this book. The sequences of events develop right when you start reading and continue at good pace. There are neither boring gaps nor diversions. The writer primarily hooks you with a budding romance and secondarily with a crime related mystery. I could not put it down because I was very curious as to the ending. It is a fast read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Thanks for introducing me to reading!, January 31, 2011
Grandma Bawb 
 This review is from: Summer Solstice (Kindle Edition)
I have never been a reader! My folks were not, so I guess that made me uninterested. I have several friends who read a lot. I always wondered how that could be of any enjoyment. I would rather go visit with someone or travel. I am a social person, so being alone with a book is not very appealing! However, after reading Summer Solstice by Gayle Hayes, I have turned that corner! Her novel was so exciting that I could not put it down. All of the turning points just seemed to hold my attention and encouraged me to keep reading - even late at night and into the early a.m.!! I really can't believe it!! Now I'm asking my friends what books they would recommend for me to read!! Thanks, Gayle, for getting me going!

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  1. JC,
    I hope it is not inappropriate for me to take this method of thanking you for hosting my book. I did not see an alternative way to contact you. This debut novel is close to my heart, like a long-awaited first child that finally arrives when hope is almost lost. Thank you so much for helping me get the book before readers. I realize you had many choices of whom to feature in your valuable space.

  2. Gayle,
    Thank you for the warm thanks. I only hope this helps you get out there a littl more. I wish you all the success in the world.

    By the way, I love your cover. It's beautiful!


  3. *helps you get out there a LITTLE more* sorry for the typo. :-/

  4. I believe books are a great way of passing time, learning, and developing imagination. I always take them on my trips. Last year I went to Argentina and I had rented one of those Buenos Aires apartments so I had a lot of spare time. I used to go the the Botanic Garden to read since it was open every day of the week.


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