Thursday, January 27, 2011

Recently Read - Mockingjay

I apologize for letting some of my posts run several days this week.  Actually, when I do this, it's usually a good sign.  I've either been writing other things or getting caught up in other book related activities.  However, this time it has been because my whole family came down with something. 

Three kids, all running fevers is NOT fun, especially when you don't feel good either.  My sweet brothers came to my rescue yesterday and fed us pulled pork sandwiches for dinner.  What a sad life I'd live if I didn't have my brothers and Dad!

Now, I'm going to try to write a quick Recently Read post for Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games series.  Please bear with me as my mind is still semi-muddled from the cold medicine, not to mention the constant muddling I deal with daily.

Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games)

I've read all kinds of good comments about this series over the past months but the description for The Hunger Games had me thinking "meh."  I've even had this exact conversation with a Facebook friend recently.  However, since it was receiving good reviews and my daughter and I had Amazon gift card money to play with, I thought I'd buy the first one for her.  I truly had no intentions of reading the series.  

However, I'd finished a book and was confronted with my huge TBR list on my Kindle.  My thought, when I clicked on The Hunger Games was, I suppose I should know what I'm going to allow my ten-year-old to read.  So, I opened it with intentions of quickly scanning it.  

I will admit the tense these books are written in really threw me off for the first few pages, but the STORY was so good I barely noticed why and when I was stopping to re-read something.  By the time I bought and opened up Catching Fire I'd become accustomed to reading in a different tense than I am used to.  

I have nothing but good to say about this series.  I finished the full series in about a week because the books were so compelling and I had a hard time putting them down.  I did wait a short amount of time between The Hunger Games and Catching Fire but immediately went to Mockingjay as soon as I finished the second one. 

Suzanne Collins did a wonderful job with ending the first two books as if it were just the beginning of the story.  And, actually, they were.  However, I was pleased with the ending of Mockingjay and felt it was a good conclusion.  I was sad to have the adventure come to an end but at least I wasn't left wondering how things turned out.  These books are some that I will recommend to anyone who enjoys to read.  If Ms. Collins were to write a follow up to this series with new characters, I'd jump to buy the first book!


  1. Jean, it's so good to read this review. I'm been thinking of adding the series to my TBR pile as well, even though I think it's in danger of toppling over and clonking me in the head. My daughter (age 18) bought these books for her brother (age 16) for Christmas, but before she gave them to him, she decided to take a peek at the first one. Well the next thing you know, she couldn't put the darn things down and read all three before wrapping them and putting them under the tree. Sooooo, that was a definite sign that I need to add them. They sound enthralling!

  2. I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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