Friday, January 14, 2011

Current Giveaways - January 14th, 2011

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Blog Giveaways!
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Mr. Hamric is giving away ANOTHER Kindle WiFi on January 31st!  I believe this makes three.  Actually, he's giving away a $139 Amazon gift card so you can buy your own Kindle from Amazon.  All you need to do is share his giveaway on Facebook (worth 1 entry), buy a copy of Blank Slate (worth 5 entries), buy a copy of Crescent Rising (worth 5 entries), or leave a review for one of his books (worth 5 entries per review), then send him an email at:  to let him know of your entries.

Color Me Grey (Book One of the Alexis Stanton Chronicles) Shades of Grey (Book Two of the Alexis Stanton Chronicles) Reflections of Grey (Book Three of the Alexis Stanton Chronicles) 

Her Book Self is offering a giveaway featuring all three of my novels in eBook format. The winners will be given free codes for Smashwords to download the books in formats compatible with various eReaders. Three winners will be chosen - One Grand Prize winner will receive codes for the entire Alexis Stanton Chronicles thus far: Color Me Grey (book 1), Shades of Grey (book 2), and Reflections of Grey (book 3); One First Prize winner will receive codes for Color Me Grey (book 1) and Shades of Grey (book 2); and One Second Prize winner will receive a code for Color Me Grey (book 1). To enter leave a comment at the end of her post including your email address (winners will be notified by email). Contest is open internationally and closes January 20th, 2011! Good Luck!
Her Book Self 

Author AdvenTours
Win an Amazon Gift Card. Up to $50 in prizes!

Here's how it works: Purchase any of the books shown below during the month of January and you will be entered in our gift card drawing. One entry for each book purchase. Already purchased all of them? Why not gift one to someone you love? Forward your reciept to breakoutbooks (at) gmail (dot)  com to be entered. (Subject Line: January Blog Tour Giveaway)

Participating Sponsors:
 Reining In (The Network)  The Royal Dragoneers (The Dragoneers Saga)  Color Me Grey (Book One of the Alexis Stanton Chronicles)  Dragon Academy  The Butcher's Boy
Author AdvenTours

Win a Kindle or a Nook!

Now through March 2011, I’m accepting entries into a contest to win a brand new Kindle 3 or Nook e-reader! That’s right, kids, just for being cool and commenting on this here blog you could win almost $200 worth of swanky electronic toys! And to make it better, I’ll load my books onto the device for you, so you don’t have to do anything but take it out of the box and start to enjoy it! This contest will run through the end of March, 2011, and here’s a sweetener for those of you who already own e-readers - if you win and decide you don’t want a Kindle or a Nook, let me know and I’ll send you a $200 Amazon gift certificate! So no matter what, you can get some cool stuff!

How to enter:
1) No Purchase is necessary. You may earn an entry into the contest by simply commenting on this blog post. You will earn one entry for commenting here. You will not earn multiple entries for multiple comments.
2) You can earn multiple entries, and this is how you do that. You earn two entries for each copy of my books you buy, no max. Just send me an email with the Amazon/Apple/BN order confirmation and your name. Please block out confidential information like where you live.
3) You can earn multiple entries by answering trivia questions about the books, and those will be posted below. You get one entry for each correct answer. Please don’t share the answers, the whole point is to generate readers. That said, if you borrow the book from someone, you can still get all the entries for the correct answers.
4) You can get two entries for posting a review on Amazon, regardless of whether you liked the book or not. If you hate it and give it a review (must be at least 100 words, and no bs like “I hated it” 34 times) I’ll give you two entries. That’s two entries per book reviewed, so the more reviews you write, the more entries you get. Obviously you can only review each book once, because to do anything else skews the review process. And I really do want honest responses, so if you think it’s crap, don’t be afraid to tell me. I’ll just curl up under my keyboard any cry, that’s all.
5) You can win extra entries by donating to 24 Hours of Booty on my page. This is a bike ride to raise money for cancer that I participate in with some folks from work. For every $10 you donate, you get one entry!

Please visit the site for the trivia questions.

Laura Vosika is offering a giveaway of an electronic copy of her book through smashwords, from now until January 31.  Details here:


Smashwords Giveaways

The Yellowstone Caldera has erupted once every 600,000 years. We’re 40,000 years overdue. Lava flows stretch for hundreds of miles. A cloud of ash billows east, burying the Midwest, destroying crops, and falling upon the Pacific Coast like a warm, dead snow. The remnants of the United States flees south as the global temperatures plummet. These are the stories of the survivors.
Jacob Cox is 18 and finds himself running his family's new business, a dilapidated bar in a forgotten seaside town. Jacob longs to escape his family of villains, liars and psychopaths. Could the bar be his last chance to make money and get away from everyone he despises? Is his family really that bad or is he actually worse than all of them put together? A screwball comedy about family.

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