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BLOG TOUR - The Butcher's Boy

Michael Robb has joined in on the blog tours offered by AuthorAdvenTours and today I get to feature The Butcher's Boy for him!  I recently read this book and immediately did a Recently Read post because I enjoyed it so much.
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The Butcher's Boy

 Michael Robb is a very interesting and fun person with many a story to tell so I'm sure this is one tour you'd like to follow.  Below you'll find dates and links to where he can be found.

January 15 - Featured on The Whistle Stop with Philip Chen
January 18 - Review on Breakout Books
January 19 - Featured on JCPhelps Blog
January 20 - Featured on Naked Snake PressJanuary 21 -Review on Book Chat

The Butcher's Boy
A Paranormal/Murder-Mystery/Chiller

Thirty-one years ago, "Buxly the Butcher" went to trial for killing his entire family. Now Janet, a newly divorced nurse, has unknowingly purchased the house where it all took place.

What happens when her eleven year old son and their overprotective Rottweiler learn that their home is haunted by the victims of that grizzly act? Can young Michael fight through the madness and terror to figure out what really happened so long ago? If he does, maybe the tormented souls can be put to rest. If he fails, he just might become one of them. With only the help of his babysitter, a burned out house painter, and his dog, Lucy Fur, Michael is about to try. The problem is, not everyone is who they seem, even the dead.

***Content Warning: This IS NOT the over-gory sort of thrasher-horror novel, but it does touch on some unsettling subject matter and should not be read by children under the age of 17.

Below you'll find what I had to say about The Butcher's Boy!  But, don't take my word for it.  Red Adept had some very nice words to say that you can read here:   
Or better yet - Check it out for yourself.

Here's what I think!
I started the book and was instantly drawn into the story.  The Butcher's Boy is the perfect mixture of paranormal, horror, mystery and gore.  It grabbed me from the very beginning and held on until I reluctantly read the last pages of the book.  The story is told from several points of view of the different characters but the flow between them was done very well and felt perfectly natural as I was pulled along.  I definitely recommend this book!

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